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Monday, June 30, 2008

A sick little boy

This morning was very interesting. I got Miles ready to go to kindy, as he wanted to go, and I just wasnt too sure that he would be able to do a whole day there, as he has a nasty cough. But he was insistant that he wanted to go. So off we go to kindy...the all 2 minute walk there. He went straight to the toys after putting his bag and hat away. I stayed for a while, about a good 30 minutes, helping him and the other children, before Miles said I could go home.
So I am at home, enjoying the quiet time, and looking at the yarn that I just got in the mail from DoodleDuck at Ravelry, and thinking what to make with it, when I hear my mobile phone going off. By the time I remember which button to press, since it has been so long since my mobile has rang, and the fact that one button is red and the other is green, I was too late to answer it. But thankfully I have caller ID so I knew it was the kindy. I called them and was told that Miles is very upset and getting upset by the minute and breathing funny. They had tired everything, but he just wasnt a happy boy.
So I went and collected him from there, and boy was he upset. He didnt want to look at the other children or the teachers. He just wanted to go home. We walked back home, and he climbed onto the futon and laid down and went off to sleep for about an hour. I didnt like the way he was breathing and knew it was time to go and get the Nebulizer. So I had to wait until he woke up and mum arrived, as she had called just before Kindy to tell me she was coming over.
When we got home, I placed him on the machine, and it made a dramatic difference in him.
Now he is just sitting down watching television, watching Big Brother, he is being very quiet. He hasnt touched his dinner, but he has been eating during the day, and quite a bit, too. I know it wont last to much longer, as he needs to be cuddled, and cuddled a lot, poor little fella.

Crocheting and knitting
I am working on 2 things at the moment, the lace wrap and now a colourful scarf/muffler for Miles with one ball of the yarn that was gifted to me. Miles really loves the colours and is so happy that this is for him. (^_^)
I have a few other projects that I want to get started soon too. I want to make a little turtle or two and a few other items that I have as WIMs.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

A great honour

I just had 2 messages on Ravelry, requesting the use of my photos for Tawashi #2 to be used as the photos for the pattern on Ravelry No39 Tawashi! I am so happy. Since this is only my third time knitting anything, it is a great honour to have my finished object choosen to promote a great project.
The photos are on there now!!! (^_^)

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More FO with photos

Well I finished blocking the knitted neck warmer, I am not sure why it keeps curling, but it is nice and warm. After I stitched the button on, I took it outside to let my husband see it and wear it. He said that it was nice and warm. I havent added any flowers or anything, incase he wears it again. I dont think it would look really good with a flower on it around my husbands neck. But here are the photos of my knitted neck warmer.

Not being able to contain myself, I started my second tawashi, using the same pattern as the first one, but did it in a different stitch, not sure what stitch it is. (so if anyone knows please tell me!!!) It is the same pink and grey as the first one, but for some reason (lighting) it has come out as hot pink/orange. The first photo is more to the true colour of the tawashi.

On my hooks I have Seraphina's shawl, and the lace wrap. I am planning on getting the lace wrap finished as soon as possible so that I can block it and get it ready to send out to my exchange partner. It doesnt appear to be very wide, but I am sure that it would be great as either a little shoulder wrap or a little wrap around the neck.

Baby is moving about with great force these days. I have managed to get some work done in the boys room. Tomorrow, I am planning on putting the baby clothes away in the draws and getting the bags packed. Then I will have most of what I need finished. I still have to do the final shopping, of nappy liners, wipes, nappies (diapers), etc. I am think about using both disposable nappies and cloth ones, I washed all my cloth nappies and have them at the ready, but will also use disposable ones for when I am going out. I just dont like the thought of carrying dirty nappies with me when I am out shopping or out and about. But whilst at home, I think I can manage cloth ones. I will see how the baby and I go. I remember with Miles, he hated the cloth nappies, and would cry and wake up whenever he wet or dirtied them. But once he was in the disposable ones, he slept better and was a pleasant boy. But most of all he loved his free time with nothing on!

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's an addiction

I am really enjoying knitting, and especially making tawashi's. So much so, that last night I started another one. I think that I am going to be making a few more of these little things. They are just so much fun to make, and have an added benefit of giving me more practice with knitting.
Since I enjoy making tawashi a lot, I have joined
at Ravelry. There is a list of tawashi patterns and great help with understanding patterns. I find a lot of the tawashi patterns are crocheted too! Which is another great thing about them.

I wanted to make the Top Down Bonnet with Anime character, but I dont know how to use double pointed needles. So I am going to see if I can find a few video tutorials on them and give them a go, until I am able to do them without to much drama. I also need to learn to m1 (make 1), so it is off to look for videos and tutorials on the internet, etc.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

To wash with a Tawashi!!!

I have just finished my very first Tawashi!!! Not only that, but a knitted one! I used pink and grey and loved the colour combination of the two. This is for my secret pal at CrochetX. Now all I have left to finish is my Lace wrap for my secret pal and then write a nice letter and then post it to her.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My tickers!!!

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

Lilypie 4th Birthday Ticker

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Knitting, a starting addiction

I really enjoyed knitting my simple neck warm (currently being blocked outside), and I have now started on making a tawashi for my Secret Pal at CrochetX. I am really enjoying the fact that it seems that I can do simple knitting. I still have to find a video tutorial on how to do lace work and cabling, but they can wait a little longer.
I did manage to do my first button hole and it was a little trying at times, but I am pleased with the result of it. (^_^)

Current projects
Lace wrap - is about 60% completed.
Seraphina's shawl - about 40%ish completed.
Simple Knitted neck warmer - 95% completed (just got to do some flowers or something to pretty i up).
Tawashi - 5% completed.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I have finished knitting my neck warmer. I even made a button hole at one end.... I am so proud of myself. ^_~ My husband loves it, and so does Miles. I will block it and then add my crochet flowers or something to it. I really like how it turned out and it is nice and warm too! Tomorrow I will have it blocked out and will take a photo of it.

Now I am working on finishing my lace wrap for my exchange partner, I hope to have that finished tomorrow and then blocked and then get my parcel ready to post out to my Secret Pal by next week or the week after. I want to make a few Tawashi's as well to go into her box. I have seen a few really cute ones, and they use acrylic yarn as well, cause they are great with their roughness and easy clean ability. ^_^ I just hope she likes my exchange.

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Dying already dyed yarn

On Ravelry, I have been admiring all the hand dyed yarns...and one of the members gave me a link to a great website, for dying store bought yarn and food colouring...so I am going to give it a go, I have a few odd balls of yarn, and a skein of white yarn that is damaged with either dirt or grease. So it might be good to give it a go and make my own skein of personal hand dyed yarn. ^_^

I have read through Pea Soup of the Day's blog, and it seems so simple and interesting! Now all I have to do is unwind the yarn, buy food colouring, and do it.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

My knitting project and my Mystery CAL

Simply Knitted neck warmer

My knitting...This is my simple knitted neck warmer. I am about 60-70% finished. I am still deciding on adding a crocheting border and a few flowers or something to it.

A close up of my knitting.

Mystery CAL - Leftovers Monthly Challenge

Part 1

Part 2 - pretty flower, and leaves. I still have no idea what this CAL is, and there is only one more part to go!

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

My wish list

Here is my wish list of things that I really want...

*200 Crochet blocks book
*Stitch Markers
*Stitch n Bitch crochet
*Cross-stitch kits
*Baseball cards
*8" crocheted squares (any color)
*yarn and thread any colour and size
*lipbalms and hand creams
*Cotton thread like peaches and cream (any color)
*Any knitting books, DPNs, materials suitable for a beginner knitter
*Crocheting cotton, like Peaches n creme
*Crochet Monthly magazines, Really any magazines that are crochet related.
*Knitted and crocheted baby/toddler items

A girl is allowed to dream. (+_+)zzzZZZ


Thursday, June 19, 2008


Today I head on over to Toowoomba to help out my cousin, she has to go to the hospital for her checkup, so has asked me if I could come on over and look after her son. He will be 6 months old on Saturday! So that means an active boy indeed. He is starting to roll about and lift his bum up for crawling, so it wont be long until he is on the move.
I am taking both my knitting and my crocheting with me, as well as my son and mother, as she loves the baby, and any chance she can have to be with him makes her happy. It also gives Miles a chance to be around the baby, and he loves it too. It will be nice to see him interact with Almaaz.
So I will be busy today, as it is an hours drive to Toowoomba from here. Already I have cleaned the house and I can already start to feel my energy level going down. I still have to collect Miles from Kindy before I go, as I have him in there for a few hours today, so that I can get a bit of work done.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Check up
Went for my check up today. Everything was good, although I do have a bit of high blood pressure, 133/83, but the doctor wasn't worried about it, and told me not to worry about it. So I'm not worrying about it. The baby has also moved down a bit, or dropped, I think that is the correct term for it. He is moving around a lot at the moment, so that is really good. I don't think I will be waiting too long for him to arrive. The doctor put me at 30 weeks along, even though my calendar says that I am at 29 weeks and 3 days. I am now going to have to go to the doctors every 2 weeks now, and then in 6 weeks I have to go to Toowoomba for my antenatal appointment. So all is good in the land of the "damn I cant roll over" pregnancy.

Whilst at the hospital, I had taken mum with me, and like clockwork, she tells me once I am in line that she will go and see the doctor too, so I had a long wait in the waiting room. Knowing that this was going to happen, I brought along my Seraphina's shawl to work on. I think I did quite a bit of it, in between looking at people, TV, and watching the ambulance person walking around looking for an elderly lady. I did tell him where she was, when I grabbed his attention, since the staff members where busy and had not realised he was looking for her.

This morning I did some more knitting, on my simple knit neck warmer that I am making. I think that I am getting a hold of it now. I have knitted 7cm so far. I did have to frog, as I forgot which direction I was going and knitted almost a whole row before realising. Lucky for my trusty crochet hooks, I got a small one and used it to pick up the stitches as i put them back on the needle. So I am so happy!

Yesterday, I went shopping, and since Miles has been good in his own kind of way, I brought him some strawberries, as he loves them. Later, when I brought him home from kindy, I told him I had some strawberries for him. Off he ran to the kitchen, and extracted a tube out of the fridge and walked back into the lounge room like he had won the lotto! He sat down and ate almost the whole tube before returning them the fridge. This morning, I asked him if he would like to take some to kindy, and he said yes! to that, so I ended up packing some into his lunchbox, and he ate some of them for breakfast too. He is really happy about strawberries!!! We are going to try and grow some of them this year, but I am not sure how well we will go, however, we are going to give them a go! I would really love to have a strawberry patch out the back. If only raspberries would grow here, I would be so happy! I love them, but I think our soil or climate is not good to grow them. I will have to ask dad about that, as he is the plant-all-knowing person, just a little better then mum. Nursery folk!
Well I might go and collect my little man from kindy, it is very overcast here at the moment, and I am feeling too lazy to get a jumper on, so I better go and get him before we get any rain, or it gets really cold.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My first knitting project

I was going to try and do the Herringbone neck warmer as my first project, but after a few attempts without much success at getting the stitch pattern, I thought it might be worthwhile to have a go at just practicing my stitches until I got proficient with them. So I am working on a simple knit neck warmer. I am using my own pattern, so that I can practice and learn at the same time.

I am writing up my progress as I go, so that I can keep track of where I am going with it.


Miles and his Baikinman jumper

Here is Miles wearing his Baikinman jumper that his grandmother made for him from Japan. He loves it very much. He is telling me at the moment that he has lost his jumper...but I have it hanging up in his room. lol

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Some photos

This photo was taken a while ago, when Miles was about 1 years old.

Miles with the Mayors of both Takatsuki, and Toowoomba. This photo was taken at the 20th anniversy of the Sister City Agreement. Miles wasnt to happy to be held by the Toowoomba Mayor, so Jumpei is holding him, in his protest.

The 2007/2008 season of softball. Miles was the teams mascot! I managed the team and we won the Grand final this season. I wont be the manager for the 2008/2009 season, as I think I will have a handful with the new baby and with Miles and Jumpei both playing softball. Miles hopefully will be able to play in the little league.

Lovely surprise in the mail

The postie arrived today with a parcel this morning. I have been waiting all week for it. It is from my mother in law from Japan. She made a knitted jumper for Miles with Baikinman on it, and little Anpanman buttons on one of the sleeves. I know there is going to be a very happy boy when I collect him from kindy later today. I will take a photo of him wearing his new jumper.
She also crocheted a little vest for the baby, so I am very happy, as it is really cute. I will take photos of that one too, when I take a photo of Miles in his new Jumper. ^_^

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunny day and happy boy

Someone is very happy that they are outside in the warm sun.

In his little blue car. I dont have the battery in that thing, and he just pushes it to where he wants it to go, or he goes and gets his teddy or Dorothy the dinosaur, and takes them for a drive.


A little too much cake!

I think that I may have bitten off a little bit to much with wanting to attempt the Herringbone neck warmer. But I might look around for a simplier pattern to try to knit to first and then go back and attempt the neck warmer. I really love the way that the Herringbone looks and I think that it would really keep your neck warm during winter. I want it. LOL so i better start learning to knit. I did do a sample of knitting, practicing my casting on, knit and purl stitches, and even a bit of ribbing. I think I have worked out the position of the yarn and needle for the stitches, so all that is left to do is have a go at making something. I have a bit of scrap yarn about, so I am thinking about something to make, so I am searching the internet, my books, and ravelry for something to try my hand at.

On my hooks
A lace wrap that I am designing. I am about half way through it. It is just going to be a little lace wrap, and it is working up pretty quickly. I was inspired by a lace wrap that I saw on Ravelry. I hope to have it finished either tonight, or later in the week. Once I have finished it, I will be taking a photo of it, and posting it on here and on my projects page on ravelry.
A mystery CAL, I am doing a mystery CAL with one of the ravelry groups that I belong to, Leftovers Monthly Challenge. It is a 3 part mystery CAL, and I have completed part 1 already. I have no idea what it is, so I am excited to see what the final product is going to be. I am using some partical skeins of yarn that I have, one is Dark Pink, the pink that I used on my mother's shawl from last year, and the other is a light pink and white twist yarn, that I think I picked up from St. Vincent de Pauls, in town.
Seraphina's Shawl is still a work in progress. I am now onto my second skein of yarn. I left a long tail on the first skein, so that I can weave it in later. I really am liking the way that it is coming along. I hope to have it finished once I get my CrochetX SP exchange finished and posted. Then I want to focus on doing a few other crochet items if I have time before the baby arrives.

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My tarot card

You are The High Priestess

Science, Wisdom, Knowledge, Education.

The High Priestess is the card of knowledge, instinctual, supernatural, secret knowledge. She holds scrolls of arcane information that she might, or might not reveal to you. The moon crown on her head as well as the crescent by her foot indicates her willingness to illuminate what you otherwise might not see, reveal the secrets you need to know. The High Priestess is also associated with the moon however and can also indicate change or fluxuation, particularily when it comes to your moods.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

spilt strawberry milk!

Today whilst I was outside cutting down a few branches from a tree next to our house, a horrible thing was happening upstairs in the lounge room. I don't think it was Miles, as he was outside helping me cut down the tree, so that leaves only one other person, but he denies it. Someone had knocked over a cup of strawberry milk onto the coffee table and some of the milk landed on my current project, and into my hook case. I wasn't very happy when I found out about it, and had to clean up the mess too!!! I don't think my dear husband likes it when I am angry!
I did manage to clean out my car, install the baby carseat and fix up Miles's seat too! So I think that I had a very productive day all the same.
I am happy to say that my current project, wasn't damaged too much, and it just needs a damp cloth to take out the bit of milk.

Current projects
Lace wrap
Seraphina's Shawl
practice knitting

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Stitch Markers

I like stitch markers, but can't make them (yet), as beading isn't something that comes with easy, my mother beads, and I end up buy supplies for myself and giving them to her, as I get frustrated with not being able to make what I want to make with them. So I am in search of sites that show you how to make stitch markers. I need some that would work well with crocheting, so I am guessing the ones that you can open and close would work better then the solid circle ones.

From the Worm Spits site.
Simple stitch Markers

Associated Content has an Easy Method of making stitch markers

Sheep in the City makes it look too easy.

So I wonder where I am going wrong???

Well I know that in a few weeks, I will be able to pick up a few items to make some stitches, or raid mums supples and I will give them another go. I dont think it would be good to try once the baby is here.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Interesting blog sighting

Not many of you know that I own a sewing machine, but I can't really use it. My mother is the sewer really. But I am going to learn to use it, as I have a few things that I want to make, I also want to learn to do quilting! I have seen so many beautiful quilts made up that I would love it give it a go too.

I was looking at a blog and there was a link to The Green Bag Lady. She shows you how to make your own shopping bags! So I think I am going to have to give these bags a try. I really love bags, and can't help but want to make them, even in crocheting and now I have seen a few in knitting that I want to give a go. But I think bags are going to be one of those things that I am going to enjoy making once I know how to.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Husbands hat and Sons hat

Here is Miles showing off his tongue!!!

Jumpei and Miles wearing their hats that I crocheted for them.

Jumpei doing silly faces, when asked to pose for the photos.

The back of Miles's hat.

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Jumpei and Dawn before the Gig at Nobby

Jumpei and Dawn before the gig at Nobby on Saturday. Neville was off somewhere fixing sound equipment, but he arrived and they jammed for well over 30 minutes. Great day for everyone. Jumpei ended up coming home just before midnight after playing with the bush and swing bands. He did the same thing again on Sunday with the bands. He loved it and the experience of new music and musicians.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

39.2 degrees

That is not the temp. here, but what Miles is at the moment. He is burning up but I have given him some medicine, and he seems to be feeling a little better. He wont be going to kindy today though, as I think that he might not be too good today. He is happy to lay on the couch and watch some news (but I think that he is holding out for me to put on some cartoons...lol)
Jumpei is also sick today too. He is in bed and I think he has what I had yesterday. I had lots of cramps and throwing up too. The cramps were like labour pains, and coming every 10 minutes, so Jumpei has it. Not fun at all.
I am so glad that it wasnt labour pain, as the baby is only 28 weeks along now. As of today, I only have 11 weeks and 4 days to go before the due date. I am so excited. The baby is kicking about a lot more and is rolling about and doing stretches. Both Jumpei and I have a feeling that this one might come early. I hope that he doesnt come too early. I hope that he doesnt come in the 35th week, as I will be going to Brisbane to see a friend of mine who is coming over to Australia for a short holiday, from Japan. So I am really looking forward to that.
Next week, I have to go and see the doctor for a check up. I think that everything should be fine. I will have my blood pressure checked and all that stuff. ^_^ I dont hink that I have to worry about my blood pressure, as it has always been good, even with my pregnancy with Miles. So I am expecting much of the same with one.

I havent been doing much crocheting over the last couple of days, as I havent been feeling well and have been trying to get the baby clothes all washed and sorted. I found where I had kept all of Miles's old baby clothes, and have gone through them to find the ones that I need. I think i might have enough, and won't really need to buy any more, but I will double check and make sure that I have enough of the right sizes and hopefully they are warm enough for him, as Miles was a summer baby! This one is going to be a late winter/autumn baby. So it will be windy around that time here.
I have another load of washing to put out on the line that is full of baby clothes in the sizes 00000 to 000. That should have the baby covered for atleast 4 or 5 months. ^_^ Depending on how big this one is.

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Nobby Music Festival

Today, Jumpei performed at the Nobby Music Festival. He played a set at 10am for a little over half an hour. He played bass guitar. I took a few photos, so will upload a picture or two of them later. He is at Nobby now, for the dance section of the festival. He is playing in the swing band. I would have loved to have gone, but today I had an uncomfortable session of Braxton hicks contractions or false labour. But these ones where painful!!! Normally they arent so bad, but this time arround, I was in a lot of pain and it was very uncomfortable, so I decided not to go back out to Nobby and watch him.

No crocheting done yet, but I have been looking at my doily books, and am wondering which one to do, if any.

I am feeling very tired at the moment, so I might end up having an early night.

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Friday, June 06, 2008

FO Husbands Hat for Miles

Finished the my second Husbands hat, but a smaller one for our son, Miles. He is so pleased that he has a hat just like his fathers. Both of them are wearing their hats and keeping themselves warm in tonights cool evening.
I am so glad that this pattern is so easy to follow and modify. I didnt make an extra couple of rounds to fold up the brim but it suits Miles better to have it just like a straight seam beanie. ^_^ I have a little bit of yarn left over, but not enough to make another one for the baby.

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Cold mornings, cats

As winter is now upon us, our mornings are getting colder and colder! Yesterday it was foggy outside till about 9am, this morning, no fog in site, a bright clear day. Hopefully it will be a nice warm day and not to cool. I have my washing out on the line, and need to hang a few towels out too. It is just cold, and we havent even been hit by the minus degrees yet. I just hope that it doesnt get too cold for when the baby is due. I know that spring will be arriving around September, but out here, winter lasts a few weeks longer and we get hit by heavy frosts!! My place has missed the early frosts but mum and dad have already been hit by frost and they live just 2 blocks away from me! It is going to be cold and just going to get colder...brrrr

I worked on Miles's hat last night, I have about another 3-4 inches to go before it would be a decent length for his big head. He likes it, and wants me to be finished already so that he can wear it. I dont think I will get any of it done today, as I have to go into Warwick, and then head to Toowoomba, to have a look at some cats for mum.
I have worked out Oberon's lace wrap, and might make a larger version of it, after I finish this hat, and see how it goes. I dont know what size to make it but I will play around with sizes to see what looks the best.

Just got back from Toowoomba (it's now 2.57pm) I brought home 3 cats for mum. Not the ragdoll that we were going to get, as the owner's niece wants that cat, we got 3 normal kind of short haired cats. So that should be good for mum. She seems happy, and I am sure that the cats will enjoy their new, larger yard home. I dont think that the mice will enjoy them though...lol It is that time of year, when the mice start breeding up and trying to over run the yard, shed and sometimes the house. But soon their little plans of world domination will come to an end and the balance of power shifted back to the farmers, gardeners and homeowners! There should be a lot of happy, shinny coated cats about mum and dad's place.

Have I mentioned that cats and dogs make my face itch! They do!!! but the best part is it only lasts for about a few hours or a day and then it is all back to normal. I am hoping that it will only take a few hours today, as I did try and limit myself with them. But so far my whole face is itchy >_< but nothing I do is working just yet. So I will have to just wait and see if it finishes up in the hour or so.

Managed to get mum to take a box down for me from the top of the cupboard, and get some baby clothes out for the little one. I have just a little over 12 weeks to go before the due date of August 31st, and I want to start getting the bags and clothes ready, as you never know when the little one is going to decided today is the day to make the grand appearance! I think that I have enough socks for the little ones feet, and a few wondersuits (aka chicken suits) I will be taking an assortment of 00000 (super tiny) and 0000 (tiny) clothes with me, as you never really know what size the baby is going to be when it comes out. Jumpei is still teasing me about the baby's head size, he is quoting a size of a grapefruit! I dont think so...I think it would be more like an orange with a pointy cone head appearance. I guess we are just going to have to wait and see. @。@ I just have to make sure that I have the car, bed and clothes ready.

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Rethinking Knitting and other projects

I am finding it so hard to hold the damn needles. But I did manage 2 rows of the neckwarmer before I forgot what I was doing and had to frog it again. I will keep trying swatching until I get it. It should be an interesting experience, that is if I dont throw my needles down in frustration! I dont know how anyone could knit and enjoy it, but I guess that once I get the hang of it, it might be something that I also enjoy too. I want to enjoy it. I really do! I have been using youtube and knittinghelp.com to help me with my knitting. I can do the long tail cast on, I like this one, as it is so easy and quick! But now all I have to do is remember which way I am doing my knitting and to remember what I am doing after I put the needles down and pick them up again.

Scrap projects
I have a little bit of white yarn left over from some other projects that I have finished, so I thought that I could give a try at recreating Oberon's Lace wrap. I think I have got it! I have only done 2 rows, but it does look similar to it. I have to complete 4 rows to see if it matches up closely to the original pattern. But my feelings is that it should.

Other project news
Well last night I didnt get to work on the husbands hat for my son, as I was so tired. We all were in bed by 8.30pm! So I am planning on working on it today, since i dont think that I will be driving anywhere today if I can help it. I want to work on that and work on my other scrap projects. I am very pleased that I am able to work out the Oberon's lace wrap pattern. ^_^
I might go stash diving and get some nice yarn out, and make a bigger version of the lace wrap.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My tummy, Miles, and dinner

Tummy moving and rumbling, but I'm not hungry! The little one is moving about so much today, it could be because I had to drive into Toowoomba today. A long drive when you are 27.3 weeks along. I only have 12 weeks and 4 days to go before the due date of August 31st!!! I hope he arrives sometimes in August and not before. I want to take a few days off driving but I have a feeling that there is more driving about in store for me. ^_~ I dont mind doing it so much, but it does start to take its toll on me, as I am finding that I am more and more tired during the day. I havent had my afternoon nap today, as I have been busy cleaning my house (with some help from mum). I have got to get into Miles's room and get it ready for when the baby comes. I have to organise his toy box and reduce some of the toys, as he has a lot of bits and pieces that he doesnt play with, I will give them to the local charity so that some other child can get some use out of them. But I have to do this when he is out at kindy or I will never be able to get the work done, as he wants to "help" me.
Miles did have another great day at Kindy. He did a few paintings and coloured a few pictures. I can tell he has been in the sandpit, as there is sand in his bag and shoes!!! He loves the sandpit a lot, but we aren't going to get him one, as next door has a cat that likes to come into our yard. There is also another cat that likes to sit in our yard too, so the idea of having Miles playing in there and one of these cats coming and using it as a personal toilet is something that I just dont want to have to think about. We are going to get him a swing set after the baby is born, as it should be getting nice and warm by then and it would be good for him to be able to play outside in the yard after his day at kindy, and on the weekends. We still have to decide where to put it, as I want it somewhere where I can see him on it. I want to get him the one with the slide attached onto it, as he loves to slide and climb!

crochet news
I am onto round 7 now of Miles's hat. I hope to be able to get most of it done tonight, that is if I don't fall asleep. I hope to have it atleast 50% finished by tonight. Fingers crossed.

I thought that I would say that I am cooking a fish for tonights dinner. This is for hubby more then me, as I dont really like eating fish because of the bones. I can eat sashimi, sushi, smoked salmon and other raw fish, but cooked fish gives me headaches, as I normally get a fishbone stuck in my mouth or throat. Not fun at all. But hubby likes fish, so it is going to be fish for him tonight with a warm steaming bowl of rice. Miles is going to love it too, as he will eat fish and rice with no problems. He wants to be just like his father, and will often copy him at the dinner table. ^_^

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Taking the plunge with knitting

Well I have found a pattern that I would like to try to knit. Dont know how to convert it into a crochet pattern, so I have to give the needles a go and see how I go.
The pattern I am going to attempt to try is called HERRINGBONE NECK WARMER!
I have to go stash diving to find some yarn to try it out on, but I am sure that I have something in there that would be suitable.
I found a great video on youtube on how to do the special stitches on the Herringbone neck warmer. So my level of apprehension has dropped to a level that it might be something that I can do!
I might start it after I have finished my sons hat (using the husbands hat pattern, but reducing a few rounds to fit his head).
I started the hat last night, and have completed about 4 rounds. I probably need another 3 rounds and it would be big enough to cover the top of his head and then I can start on the body of the hat. I hope to have it finished by the weekend. ^_^

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Starting a new project

I am going to start a few rounds of my second Husbands Hat, this time a smaller one of Miles. I will be using the same yarn as I did for his father's one. So they will have matching hats this winter.

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FO Husbands Hat

Just before my hubby got home from work, I did the final touches to his Husbands Hat. He was very happy with it when I gave it to him.
I will take a photo of it later on, I need to charge up the batteries for the camera. I have a few other FO (Dots Ditty bag and Pill purse) that I need to take photos of.

I am still working on my Seraphina's shawl. I hope to have it finished this month. Along with a few other projects that I am planning to work on.

Miles has had another great day at Kindy! So that is so good. He really is enjoying his time there and I think he is finding the whole experience a bit overwhelming at first but I think that within the week, it will be all normal for him.
He does look forward to me collecting him from there and seeing his father once he gets home. ^_^ It is so great, he really likes his time playing games with his daddy and doing silly things with him.
He still has a horrible cough at night, but it seems that through the day he is fine. I guess that the cough medicine is working during the day for him, hopefully he will be over this little cough, and will be back to his normal self, sleeping the night through.

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Husbands hat

I have almost finished the hat. I thought that I would have finished it last night, but Miles had other plans for me. He is suffering from a cold, so like most boys, is in need of lots of cuddles and hugs and somewhere to rest his head so that he can get to sleep. It is really cute, but does infringe on crocheting, as he doesnt get himself into a comfortable position. LOL
But today he went to kindy, and he loved it a lot. He will go there again tomorrow, and for the rest of the week. It does give me a lot of free time now. Today, I drove from my town to Warwick and back again about 3 times today. Got a car registered for dad and now all I have to do is go back and collect dad from work. Then he can drive himself to work from now.
Today is also very windy and cold. We got a bit of rain last night, and today too. Just a drinking of rain, so I cant see any reason for a flash flooding in the area, as the rain has been so light. We might have a lot of rain later this week. ^_^


Sunday, June 01, 2008

^_^ Updates ^_^

I thought that I better give an update on what I have been doing and how far my pregnancy is.

Pregnancy and Miles
I am now up to 27 weeks today!!! That means there is under 13 weeks to go before the little one arrives. He is kicking like mad and rolling about. Sometimes it feels like I am rolling around in rough seas, but not too bad. I am sure that this one is going to be as active as Miles was when he was little. ^_^ (I am being kicked at the moment) My tummy is looking very big too!
Earlier this week, I went to have the glucose challenge test. It took 4 jabs of the needle before they got enough blood out of me! I have 3 little bruises on both arms!
Miles is coughing again. The weather has changed to very overcast and windy, with spots of rain and thunder. Tomorrow, Miles starts at Kindy. He will be going there 5 days a week. I am sure that he is going to enjoy it. We went shopping yesterday and he got a little Brisbane Broncos sprayjacket. He loved it so much!!! He wants to play for the football team when he gets older.

I am still working on my seraphina shawl, I havent touch it at all this week, as I am trying to get the Husband's hat finished for my husband. It is almost finished. He loves it so far. He really likes the colour of the yarn that I am using. It is Red Heart Multi in the Woodsy colourway. It is a very mascline colour combination. I really like it. I hope to finish off the husband's hat tonight! Fingers crossed.
I am also working on items for my Secret Pal from CrochetX. I won't mention what it is just yet, incase she is reading my blog, but I am really enjoying making the items for her.

I was also looking at a few patterns on ravelry, and there is a cute little wrap called Oberon's Lace Wrap. I am going to try and workout the pattern and see if I can make something similar. It is really cute and simple looking. It will also give me a chance to work on the back post stitch. I hope that is what it is called. I hope I work it out. ^_^

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