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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Arh...its already 2011

Where has the time gone! Its already nearing the middle of the fourth month, and has it been busy!

Grant is now 9months old, Miles is in grade 1 and William is 2 and finally starting to talk. Winter is approaching fast with the weather turning nasty with only a days notice. I think it is time to start knitting and crocheting some items to keep the cool weather at bay or atleast look good for this winter.

Some items I have planned are beanies, scarves, socks and shawls, maybe a cardigan or jumper too. I have the yarn, just got to widdle down the patterns and start work on them.

Slytherin came in last this term...so next term I am going to have to work harder and hope that we come in first again. So, I must do an OWL or two. I have a few things in mind, so it will be interesting to see, if I am able to push myself to completing them in 3months.

Photos of items I have finished can be seen on my ravelry page or in my flickr account.

well time to be creative...I am thinking about designing a knitting pattern, so must work out a bit about knitting and if it is possible to make up. (^_^) Wish me luck!

Oh, we also added 2 dogs to our family as well, they are rescue dogs from the local pound, and are lovely, (the Jack Russell, is a bit of a trouble maker, but hopefully he will grow out of it!)

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