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Friday, February 17, 2006

Blue Rose Doily

Well my mother sent me some tread from Fiji, the tread is so small but I am having fun using it. Even if the pattern is giving me trouble. I am doing the blue rose doily from the Annies Attic site that was up recently. I am having a hard time reading the pattern and have to keep refering to the picture of the finished one. Hopefully, it will turn out great, if not then I better frog it before my mother comes home. She cant stand me frogging!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Elmo Afghan

Here is the Elmo afghan that I made for my son, and what I got the Highly Commended award for.
This is a close up of the head.

I will get some better photos of the afghan on later when I have the time.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


this would have to be my favourite photo of Miles for the moment.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

finished projects...and some stuff

Yesterday, my husband and I went into town and I brought some yarn. Maroon to continue on his afghan and some multicolour pink yarn and a fun fur. These are to make a skinny scarf and something else for my girlfriend who lives near Melbourne, and her birthday is soon (Valentines day). Today I finished off the skinny scarf. I made it using just the multi colour pink and a size 9mm hook, so it has the lacy look about it. It is only 7ch across and long enough for her... I am thinking about making a little hat for her, but dont know if a good pattern for her...something lacy and simple would be great. Any hints would be great!
Also I am planning on making either a neck warmer or smaller scarf for her.
If you havent already guessed, I miss my friend so much...hopefully she will read this and move back up here!! Big hint Nessa!!!

Elmo afghan
I finished off the Elmo afghan last week. I havent taken a photo of it yet, but have washed it and blocked it to my best effort. I am planning on entering it into the local show here in my hometown. Will let you know if I do and how I go at it.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Which Other World Are You Secretly From?

World of Glaciers
Ice, snow, mountains... you are a glacier dweller.

Sometimes people see you as distant or

apathetic, but it's only because their minds

don't work on a level as high as yours.

Which Other World Are You Secretly From?
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And of course since I am a big fan of Harry Potter....

The Ultimate Sorting Hat Quiz
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Now this result was a big surprise.

My werewolf breed...Therian
Therian: You are human, more or less, but you have

very strong emotion ties to the wolf, and you

share a common spiritual bond with the entire

lupine species.

What Breed of Werewolf are You? (Images)
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I look a bit cold, dont you think?
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