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Monday, June 29, 2009


My washing machine decided to kick the bucket and not tell me. After doing a few loads and noticing that they looked dirty still, and then mum coming over to do a load, as her machine died, I noticed it wasnt washing. Damn thing. I had to hand wash for 2 hours, and didnt make a dent in the pile. SO hubby says lets go to the laundry mat to do the washing. We did that, and it was horrible...lol
First didnt know what kind of change was needed for the machine. Got some, and started the wash. The first machine didnt do a good job on it, so I did it again. Then the first dryer I try, didnt work at all, and I wasted 10 minutes waiting for it to start...lol Even when I removed them and placed the clothes in another dryer, and after it completed its cycle, they werent dry. I dont get it. I thought the purpose of a dryer is to dry clothes, not make them warm and damp.
So this morning, I went and hung the clothes out on the line. I am just lucky that it is a nice sunny day outside and that they will be dry soon.

Willy is happy eating some rockmelon and cheese. Miles is at kindy, playing with his friends, and probably telling everyone about his day at the circus yesterday. Hubby is at work, skinning and cleaning cattle...lol Im sitting here, and wishing it was nice and warm, instead of cool and windy.

Crocheting is something I dont have time for at the moment...lol I wish there was more time in the day to do all that has to be done.
I have a few times that I am working on at the moment, as there is a lot of things that have to be done.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Captains log 86738930-1

Day Five,

Private Miles visited the large white bowl of wastage disposal and deposited. It has been a great day for all crew members.

Captains Log out

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Captains log 86738930

Day four,

still no sign of life from the marble (now known as magnetic k'nex-type thingy) [Thank you Marissa, that is exactly what it is...the round silver ball of magnetic fun]
Spoken to a nurse at the hospital, and have thus given him a fruit salad, a glass of water with metamucle [spelling unknown, and dont care at this point...it is the orange stuff full of roughage] and a nice cup of hot chocolate. Now just waiting for some action to happen.
The stress of movement is taking its told on some of the crew members. Ensign Kawano, is not patient enough and keeps insisting that Private Miles sits on the large white bowl of wastage disposal and hope that something comes out. Private Miles has repeatedly declines this request. Although he complains of stomach pains and aches, he will not allow movement to happen in the southern most region of his torso. Private William, has not had any problems, and has "gifted" the crew, mainly me with a nappy full of stinky mass.
A mysterious gas has floated into the room, but all have denied it has come from them...a request has been issued by a crew member, but at this point in time, it is not feasible to do so.
The crew is in lockdown for tonight, as it is raining outside and dark. No need to venture out.
Crew members from the parent ship have arrived home safely from their journey, and catching up will be down in due time. Everyone is alive. Yippee.

Captains log out.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Still no show

The marble or metal ball bearing (as Miles has now come to show us what he swallowed), hasnt come out. In fact, he doesnt want to go to the toilet to get rid of it...lol I dont know if I will send him to kindy tomorrow or not, as it should have passed out by now. If he doesnt do it tomorrow, then I have to take him to the hospital for them to have a look.

I am still working on the pants. I have found that the green yarn is slightly thicker then the black that I have also used, but it looks nice and I am going to keep it that way. (I did manage to roll up the black yarn into a nice neat ball of yarn, so that when I need it again it wont be all twisted together!)

Knitting, nothing yet, maybe next month if I am in the mood...lol

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

No show

There is still no show of the marble that was shallowed...lol
Miles is in a real demanding baby mood...which requires a lot of cuddles and more cuddles.

Today I had to leave him and Willy at home so that I could go to Pottery class to do my glazing. I managed to get them all glazed and they are now loaded and in the kiln firing up. I cant wait to see what they look like. I had a lot of fun playing at pottery class over the past month and a half. I think I might join the club and continue with learning to do pottery. I really want to make bowls and cups, etc.

I am working on crocheting pants for Willy, and still trying to keep awake.
My black yarn is taking most of my attention, as it has been pulled apart by either the kittens or Willy. I think it was Willy, but you never know with kittens...

So I am back to work on my crocheting.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Miles Mishappening....

Well it is a lovely Thursday evening. I am sitting down feeding Willy, he is almost asleep, hubby is on the computer reading something about music, and Miles, is in his room, tidying it up....or so I think.
The next thing, he comes running out of his room crying and screaming that "I am going to die!" over and over again. He is pulling his shirt down from his neck and has his mouth open, and tears are streaming down his face.
Hubby gets up from his seat, I hand him Willy, who has now woken up with all of this excitement, and I go and calm Miles down. I think he has been stun by something in his mouth, but no, he as swolled a marble and is freaking out about it, as it is stuck in his throat. I get him calm and tell him, "no you are not going to die." It takes a few moments for him to understand that he isnt going to die.
He wanted to go to the doctors (which means a drive to the hospital, as the doctors are closed at this time), so I call them instead to find out what I should do....
He has to wait for the next 24-48 hours, and hope that it passes out of his system. lol So now it is just a waiting game to see if it will come out or not, if it doesnt then he has to go to the hospital and they will do their thing.
The poor thing had to go to do a wee and was hoping that it would come out and when it didnt, he got upset again...lol the concept of time is so hard for the little fella.

So now I must wait along with him to see if that marble pops out.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yesterday, after I had dropped my mother off at home, she called me, as my brother had just called her, and given her the message that Tom (my natural father) had passed away. I dont know if I am going to attend his funeral, as it is about a 16 hour drive to where he is going to be buried, and it is going to be a long trip with the 2 boys in the car. It is really up to mum if she wants to go down and if she wants me to come. Mum said that there might not be many people there, so that is kind of sad that there are not going to be a lot of people there to mourn his passing. I guess if dad is going to go down and wants me to come with them, then I will head down too. Dont fancy the drive though, as I am not that comfortable on long drives when I am the one driving. I will have to find out what is happening over the next couple of days, before I make a decision. Flying down is too expensive, and so is the bus. So driving will be the first choice.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

sick dogs get some rest

How come I dont get a rest! Im sick...sicker then most dogs that have been eating roadkill for the past week. I dont like being sick. Willy and I both have a cold, and it is not nice at all. I am awake most of the night trying to get Willy to go back to sleep, so I am going without. I know it is part of the package deal that mothers (and fathers) sign up for. I am looking forward to having a nice hot shower before having to the doctors. I am also crossing my fingers that I get to see a dentist sometime this week. I might as well have it removed, as it is painful and not fun any more. lol

There was going to be a photo here of me, but I just couldnt do it...its just wrong to inflict that kind of punishment on people...lol

I am working on my quidditch projects at the moment. I have to see what else i can fit in, but my 2 main goals for this month, is my quidditch outfit for Willy and my OWL. I want to get about 25% of them done.

I have finished a few projects last month and just one so far this month. Not bad going.

(Im just waiting for my mummy to come over and look after me...)

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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Muggles studies

For a while now, I have been thinking about making something to keep my mp3 player protected. It has its own pouch, but it doesnt feel like it would protect it from hard knocks or drops. So I was lucky to see that one of the assignments for HPKCHC was to make some that muggles might use since they cant use magic. So with the assignment set, and children (baby and little man) busy, I got to work on it. The best part was that the yarn that I am using was gifted to me from Val, and it is the prefect thickness to keep my player safe from the knocks and drops that it might suffer if the baby or little man got a hold of it. It is such beautiful yarn too. I really like blue and black. There is just a little left of the partical ball, so I dont know what to make with it, but I am sure that I will think of something.

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