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Friday, February 03, 2012

A new year

Well it has been a while since I posted on here. Well its 2012, I have 3 boys and a husband. 2 cats and a dog. Still living in the same house, and doing more crafting then ever.

Still a member of HPKCHC and loving every bit of my crafting time, which now includes knitting. finally I have mastered knit and purl and a few other stitches. I have crafted a few projects too.

2011 saw me complete over 19 projects, some of them documented on ravelry.

so far in 2012, I have competed a total of 12 projects and started no fewer than 3. I have many more projects to come this year and designs.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Arh...its already 2011

Where has the time gone! Its already nearing the middle of the fourth month, and has it been busy!

Grant is now 9months old, Miles is in grade 1 and William is 2 and finally starting to talk. Winter is approaching fast with the weather turning nasty with only a days notice. I think it is time to start knitting and crocheting some items to keep the cool weather at bay or atleast look good for this winter.

Some items I have planned are beanies, scarves, socks and shawls, maybe a cardigan or jumper too. I have the yarn, just got to widdle down the patterns and start work on them.

Slytherin came in last this term...so next term I am going to have to work harder and hope that we come in first again. So, I must do an OWL or two. I have a few things in mind, so it will be interesting to see, if I am able to push myself to completing them in 3months.

Photos of items I have finished can be seen on my ravelry page or in my flickr account.

well time to be creative...I am thinking about designing a knitting pattern, so must work out a bit about knitting and if it is possible to make up. (^_^) Wish me luck!

Oh, we also added 2 dogs to our family as well, they are rescue dogs from the local pound, and are lovely, (the Jack Russell, is a bit of a trouble maker, but hopefully he will grow out of it!)

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Well the baby finally arrived

After a short, less then 3 hour labour, little Grant came into this world at 1.44am on Friday the 25th of June. All is going well and he is going great. The boys love him a lot.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

11 days to go apparently

The count down has begun...well it began a few weeks ago, as I thought this little one would want to arrive at 37 weeks, then at the beginning of 38 weeks. Today it is 38 weeks and 3 days, and I have lovely pain, but still not in a regular burst. If it goes as it should, I hope that tonight I will be in full on labour and pushing out the melon that is this baby.

I have been doing a little crocheting and knitting. I am trying to make a beanie for Miles and it is going slowly but I have been using this as good practice on using dpns. So far it is about 3 inches in height, so just another 2 1/2 inches to go and then I can start on the decrease. The pattern is from Charmed Knits.

I am planning on making a glove/mitten thing for History of Magic for the house cup, but at the moment, I am just not feeling the love there with the pattern and not really in the mood to do it. Luckly I am doing the Zen Quest and doing what I want to do for the cup. No, OWLs this term either. I just dont want to tackle a big project if I am not going to finish it off in 3 months. Maybe in a few terms, I will attempt an OWL!

I did manage last month to crochet a filet bunny afghan in forest green for the baby. It was huge and I am so pleased that I made it. It will fit nicely in the cot and on his bed when he moves onto a big boys bed. I still have to make an afghan/blanket for William. I was thinking about either a starghan or a log cabin style blanket just for him. Most likely in some bright colours.

Photos of some of my projects can be found on my flickr page or on ravelry.

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Thursday, May 06, 2010

knitting, knitting, and kids

Well classes have restarted for at HPKCHC and I'm loving it. Not sure what quest I am doing, as I am planning on doing a bit of knitting this time around. I have been working on some legwarmers for the baby. I have one finished and have gotten about halfway through the second one before Willy accidentally broke two of my 4mm dpns. I am planning on still continuing with the warmers and with the broken needles. I am using the longest pieces to complete the legwarmers.
The pattern has really been testing me with the ribbing. But this second pair I am happy with how it has turned out. I have managed to do a 2x2 rib on the warmers. I think I am going to attempt either a beanie or mittens, as it has gotten cold over here. The wood fire has been lit and the room is nice and warm, but not sweltering hot.
At the moment, William is dealing with a bad case of nappy rash, poor things rear is bright red and looking mighty angry. Hopefully, free time and a bit of sun will fix up this little problem.
Miles is doing well at school. He is doing really well with his writing and reading, as well as painting and drawing. We are so happy that he is enjoying school so much.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where did the sunshine go!

It is starting to get cold. This morning, I was so tempted to light the fire and warm up the house, but I have resisted the urge so far...Not sure how much longer I will hold out for. I know that Winter is just around the corner, but I just wish that corner was a few weeks away. It only feels like we just got into autumn, the leaves on my trees have changed colour yet or fallen.
Winter give us a chance to enjoy the autumn before you make camp here for the next couple of months.

Monday, April 12, 2010

what im working on

Well the groove to get back into crocheting has finally hit, as well as the need to clean and get things ready for the coming baby.
I am working on a doily for June, its from one of my Japanese Ondori books, and so far, I havent had to frog it (well just a little when I made a mistake).
Still working on my Luna cardigan. Havent really touched it for over a week now, so might get the doily finished and then finish off the cardigan.

House Cup has ended for a month, but will need to get a move on when classes do start. I have a few plans but really dont know if they will fit until after classes are posted. Really want to be taking part of the crochet-a-long on the forum, but cannot, as I want to finish off the said projects before starting something new.

There are still WIPs sitting about in my bag, but they can be done at any time.

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