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Monday, April 12, 2010

what im working on

Well the groove to get back into crocheting has finally hit, as well as the need to clean and get things ready for the coming baby.
I am working on a doily for June, its from one of my Japanese Ondori books, and so far, I havent had to frog it (well just a little when I made a mistake).
Still working on my Luna cardigan. Havent really touched it for over a week now, so might get the doily finished and then finish off the cardigan.

House Cup has ended for a month, but will need to get a move on when classes do start. I have a few plans but really dont know if they will fit until after classes are posted. Really want to be taking part of the crochet-a-long on the forum, but cannot, as I want to finish off the said projects before starting something new.

There are still WIPs sitting about in my bag, but they can be done at any time.

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