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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Knitting, a starting addiction

I really enjoyed knitting my simple neck warm (currently being blocked outside), and I have now started on making a tawashi for my Secret Pal at CrochetX. I am really enjoying the fact that it seems that I can do simple knitting. I still have to find a video tutorial on how to do lace work and cabling, but they can wait a little longer.
I did manage to do my first button hole and it was a little trying at times, but I am pleased with the result of it. (^_^)

Current projects
Lace wrap - is about 60% completed.
Seraphina's shawl - about 40%ish completed.
Simple Knitted neck warmer - 95% completed (just got to do some flowers or something to pretty i up).
Tawashi - 5% completed.

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