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Sunday, June 01, 2008

^_^ Updates ^_^

I thought that I better give an update on what I have been doing and how far my pregnancy is.

Pregnancy and Miles
I am now up to 27 weeks today!!! That means there is under 13 weeks to go before the little one arrives. He is kicking like mad and rolling about. Sometimes it feels like I am rolling around in rough seas, but not too bad. I am sure that this one is going to be as active as Miles was when he was little. ^_^ (I am being kicked at the moment) My tummy is looking very big too!
Earlier this week, I went to have the glucose challenge test. It took 4 jabs of the needle before they got enough blood out of me! I have 3 little bruises on both arms!
Miles is coughing again. The weather has changed to very overcast and windy, with spots of rain and thunder. Tomorrow, Miles starts at Kindy. He will be going there 5 days a week. I am sure that he is going to enjoy it. We went shopping yesterday and he got a little Brisbane Broncos sprayjacket. He loved it so much!!! He wants to play for the football team when he gets older.

I am still working on my seraphina shawl, I havent touch it at all this week, as I am trying to get the Husband's hat finished for my husband. It is almost finished. He loves it so far. He really likes the colour of the yarn that I am using. It is Red Heart Multi in the Woodsy colourway. It is a very mascline colour combination. I really like it. I hope to finish off the husband's hat tonight! Fingers crossed.
I am also working on items for my Secret Pal from CrochetX. I won't mention what it is just yet, incase she is reading my blog, but I am really enjoying making the items for her.

I was also looking at a few patterns on ravelry, and there is a cute little wrap called Oberon's Lace Wrap. I am going to try and workout the pattern and see if I can make something similar. It is really cute and simple looking. It will also give me a chance to work on the back post stitch. I hope that is what it is called. I hope I work it out. ^_^

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