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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stitch Markers

I like stitch markers, but can't make them (yet), as beading isn't something that comes with easy, my mother beads, and I end up buy supplies for myself and giving them to her, as I get frustrated with not being able to make what I want to make with them. So I am in search of sites that show you how to make stitch markers. I need some that would work well with crocheting, so I am guessing the ones that you can open and close would work better then the solid circle ones.

From the Worm Spits site.
Simple stitch Markers

Associated Content has an Easy Method of making stitch markers

Sheep in the City makes it look too easy.

So I wonder where I am going wrong???

Well I know that in a few weeks, I will be able to pick up a few items to make some stitches, or raid mums supples and I will give them another go. I dont think it would be good to try once the baby is here.



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