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Saturday, June 14, 2008

spilt strawberry milk!

Today whilst I was outside cutting down a few branches from a tree next to our house, a horrible thing was happening upstairs in the lounge room. I don't think it was Miles, as he was outside helping me cut down the tree, so that leaves only one other person, but he denies it. Someone had knocked over a cup of strawberry milk onto the coffee table and some of the milk landed on my current project, and into my hook case. I wasn't very happy when I found out about it, and had to clean up the mess too!!! I don't think my dear husband likes it when I am angry!
I did manage to clean out my car, install the baby carseat and fix up Miles's seat too! So I think that I had a very productive day all the same.
I am happy to say that my current project, wasn't damaged too much, and it just needs a damp cloth to take out the bit of milk.

Current projects
Lace wrap
Seraphina's Shawl
practice knitting

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