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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Check up
Went for my check up today. Everything was good, although I do have a bit of high blood pressure, 133/83, but the doctor wasn't worried about it, and told me not to worry about it. So I'm not worrying about it. The baby has also moved down a bit, or dropped, I think that is the correct term for it. He is moving around a lot at the moment, so that is really good. I don't think I will be waiting too long for him to arrive. The doctor put me at 30 weeks along, even though my calendar says that I am at 29 weeks and 3 days. I am now going to have to go to the doctors every 2 weeks now, and then in 6 weeks I have to go to Toowoomba for my antenatal appointment. So all is good in the land of the "damn I cant roll over" pregnancy.

Whilst at the hospital, I had taken mum with me, and like clockwork, she tells me once I am in line that she will go and see the doctor too, so I had a long wait in the waiting room. Knowing that this was going to happen, I brought along my Seraphina's shawl to work on. I think I did quite a bit of it, in between looking at people, TV, and watching the ambulance person walking around looking for an elderly lady. I did tell him where she was, when I grabbed his attention, since the staff members where busy and had not realised he was looking for her.

This morning I did some more knitting, on my simple knit neck warmer that I am making. I think that I am getting a hold of it now. I have knitted 7cm so far. I did have to frog, as I forgot which direction I was going and knitted almost a whole row before realising. Lucky for my trusty crochet hooks, I got a small one and used it to pick up the stitches as i put them back on the needle. So I am so happy!

Yesterday, I went shopping, and since Miles has been good in his own kind of way, I brought him some strawberries, as he loves them. Later, when I brought him home from kindy, I told him I had some strawberries for him. Off he ran to the kitchen, and extracted a tube out of the fridge and walked back into the lounge room like he had won the lotto! He sat down and ate almost the whole tube before returning them the fridge. This morning, I asked him if he would like to take some to kindy, and he said yes! to that, so I ended up packing some into his lunchbox, and he ate some of them for breakfast too. He is really happy about strawberries!!! We are going to try and grow some of them this year, but I am not sure how well we will go, however, we are going to give them a go! I would really love to have a strawberry patch out the back. If only raspberries would grow here, I would be so happy! I love them, but I think our soil or climate is not good to grow them. I will have to ask dad about that, as he is the plant-all-knowing person, just a little better then mum. Nursery folk!
Well I might go and collect my little man from kindy, it is very overcast here at the moment, and I am feeling too lazy to get a jumper on, so I better go and get him before we get any rain, or it gets really cold.

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