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Friday, June 06, 2008

Cold mornings, cats

As winter is now upon us, our mornings are getting colder and colder! Yesterday it was foggy outside till about 9am, this morning, no fog in site, a bright clear day. Hopefully it will be a nice warm day and not to cool. I have my washing out on the line, and need to hang a few towels out too. It is just cold, and we havent even been hit by the minus degrees yet. I just hope that it doesnt get too cold for when the baby is due. I know that spring will be arriving around September, but out here, winter lasts a few weeks longer and we get hit by heavy frosts!! My place has missed the early frosts but mum and dad have already been hit by frost and they live just 2 blocks away from me! It is going to be cold and just going to get colder...brrrr

I worked on Miles's hat last night, I have about another 3-4 inches to go before it would be a decent length for his big head. He likes it, and wants me to be finished already so that he can wear it. I dont think I will get any of it done today, as I have to go into Warwick, and then head to Toowoomba, to have a look at some cats for mum.
I have worked out Oberon's lace wrap, and might make a larger version of it, after I finish this hat, and see how it goes. I dont know what size to make it but I will play around with sizes to see what looks the best.

Just got back from Toowoomba (it's now 2.57pm) I brought home 3 cats for mum. Not the ragdoll that we were going to get, as the owner's niece wants that cat, we got 3 normal kind of short haired cats. So that should be good for mum. She seems happy, and I am sure that the cats will enjoy their new, larger yard home. I dont think that the mice will enjoy them though...lol It is that time of year, when the mice start breeding up and trying to over run the yard, shed and sometimes the house. But soon their little plans of world domination will come to an end and the balance of power shifted back to the farmers, gardeners and homeowners! There should be a lot of happy, shinny coated cats about mum and dad's place.

Have I mentioned that cats and dogs make my face itch! They do!!! but the best part is it only lasts for about a few hours or a day and then it is all back to normal. I am hoping that it will only take a few hours today, as I did try and limit myself with them. But so far my whole face is itchy >_< but nothing I do is working just yet. So I will have to just wait and see if it finishes up in the hour or so.

Managed to get mum to take a box down for me from the top of the cupboard, and get some baby clothes out for the little one. I have just a little over 12 weeks to go before the due date of August 31st, and I want to start getting the bags and clothes ready, as you never know when the little one is going to decided today is the day to make the grand appearance! I think that I have enough socks for the little ones feet, and a few wondersuits (aka chicken suits) I will be taking an assortment of 00000 (super tiny) and 0000 (tiny) clothes with me, as you never really know what size the baby is going to be when it comes out. Jumpei is still teasing me about the baby's head size, he is quoting a size of a grapefruit! I dont think so...I think it would be more like an orange with a pointy cone head appearance. I guess we are just going to have to wait and see. @。@ I just have to make sure that I have the car, bed and clothes ready.

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  • At 9:23 am, Blogger Happyplace. said…

    You are so good, to get things ready so early! Good, I want to make something, and don't know what yet!
    Any suggestions??
    It will be winter, or almost Spring, right? I'm so confused with the seasons!! We're opposite (I think?)!
    umm, I should mention that I'm the world's slowest knitter, so I need to start soon, especially since I like to make sweaters in a 12 month size so they fit a while...


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