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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Its wet and cold today...so.....

I am wearing my Ghost Whisperer sweater that I made back in 2006. This is really the first time that I have been able to wear it since finishing it off. I cannot believe how warm it is and how cosy it feels. I guess this is going to be a regular item of clothing for me to wear in winter. Even though, winter is almost over. I had it stored away in my storage room since moving into our new home.


My goodies from the Secret Pal exchange May/June from June Grant

These are the goodies that I received from June Grant from my SP exchange at CrochetX. She makes the most lovely doilies I have seen, and I got my first set of tea towels with toppers!!! Miles was kind enough to model the items for me.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sandstone art in Warwick

We went into Warwick today to see the sandstone art that is in the process of being made.

Some sandstone work being made into a sculpture.

Miles and Jumpei looking at the art work being created.

Miles and me. Miles got to collect 3 pine cones, so he was really happy.

I think this is a woman working on this sculpture.

A group of sandstone blocks being worked upon.

An interesting piece. Not sure what it is yet, so will have to come back later in the week to have a good look at it.

More sandstone sculptures.

A very large piece of sandstone being carved and chisseled out.

Another good thing about this, is my mother is working on a piece of sandstone, and is making a sculpture as part of the Jumper and Jazz event in Warwick.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

One sick boy and a Happy Mother!!!

Miles isnt too happy. He has the flu or something, and has a tummy ache, runny nose and a watery eye. Not a pretty sight, but he is smiling and wanting lots of cuddles.
He is very pleased that I am knitting Morris, his teddy bear, a blanket. I have moved on from the green yarn to the grey. I got Miles to grab me the next ball, and he collected the grey one, and it looks good against the green. I hope to get a bit more of it finished tonight, and maybe a photo or two of what I am doing taken tomorrow.

RAKs and Secret Pal
I received a few RAKs and a Secret Pal this week.
RAKs - finally received a few stitch markers, they are so beautiful and cant wait to try them out on my next projects. I really need to learn how to make them. I also received a square, a magnet, 2 balls of sugar n cream!
My Secret Pal from CrochetX sent me a lovely gift. Tomorrow, when I am taking some photos, I am going to show you what she sent me. She has done some beautiful work and I love them very much!!!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Morris needs a blanket

I have been told by Miles that Morris needs a blanket. Who is Morris? It is Miles' teddy bear. He loves this little bear, and takes him most days to kindy and to bed as well. So yesterday as I was knitting another square for my knitted block afghan, Miles told me that Morris needs a blanket.
Miles and I went stash diving and we got a few odd balls of yarn to do his blanket. I have no idea how many stitches I have casted on, but I think it would be sufficient enough to give Morris a good covering when Miles tucks him in.
I got Miles to choose the colours from my stash of odd balls, and he is very happy with the colours he has. He choose green, grey, and a few others.
I am happy that he likes my crafts and is showing great interest in both learning and adding projects to my every growing list.
Maybe someday soon, I will be able to teach him to both knit and crochet. He did try both knitting and crocheting, but he just couldnt get the hang of it. But the interest is still there. (^_^)

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pregnancy update

Went to the doctors today, and have my check up, everything is going good. The baby is the correct size and is in the correct position. I have only 6 weeks to go to the due date, as well. My next check up isnt until the 30th and then I think I go every week after that for a check up. I am wondering if this little one is going to arrive early sometimes, as I have labour pains every night, but nothing that keeps reoccurring for a long period of time. He seems happy and moves about quite freely (well as freely as a baby with his head down can move) inside.


New project for the long term

I have decided to start a new project, a Knitted block afghan for the lounge room. I am going to make squares and join them together. I have CO30 for the first square, and I like the size of it so far, so I think I will be keeping to that size. I have no idea how many squares I will need, but I will see as I go along. I am not sure if it will be a square afghan or a rectangle one, to suit the futon lounge, but I am sure that it will be nice and warm!
For this project, i am going to be using scrap balls of yarn and any odd balls that I have, as it is for the house and for us, it doesnt need to look uniform or fancy, just something to keep us warm in the horrible winter weather we have out here.
So I am currently on my first square, up to row 7 now!

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Miles's Starghan now a FO!!!

Someone really likes their starghan...he wouldnt let me take any more photos of it, cos he wanted it. He now has it packed into his little Wiggles backpack ready to take to kindy tomorrow. He really loves the size of the ghan, I would have liked to have made it bigger, but he really wanted it.

Here is Miles hugging his starghan, after he folded it up and told me I couldnt take any more photos of it. He is really happy, and that is all that I care about. (^_^)

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Belliveau Cove Hat pattern

I have had a few people email me about the location of the Belliveau Cove hat pattern. It can be found here at Crochet Me.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not how I wanted it to turn out

I started working on the Herringbone neck warmer, and I did about 3 rows of it, and I just didnt like how it looked. So I have frogged it. Not sure if it was the yarn that I was using, or just the overall look of the stitches with the yarn. So I have decided that this project can sit on the back burner for the time being. I might have another go of it later on in the year or next and maybe with a cotton yarn.
I am glad that I did have a go at knitting it, I did manage to follow the k1, sl1, psso, k1 stitch pattern. It was very interesting, challenging, and fun, but just not for me at the moment.

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Belliveau Cove Hat FO

Another finished object! Yippee!!!! I started this hat the other night, and finally finished it this morning. It is so cold here, there is ice outside! So a nice warm, snug fitting hat is in order and boy, does my head feel nice and warm. Now I know why my husband loves his hat so much! It is so warm up there.
Anyway here are some photos with my mug involved. I will get my hubby to take a photo of me later that should be better then these ones.

Belliveau Cove
Belliveau Cove

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mystery CAL FO

Here is my finished Mystery CAL! It is a beautiful crochet hook case. The pattern is here

front of crochet case

Close up of front flower and leaves

Inside the case.

Now all I have to do is fill it in with my hooks and sewing needles. (^_^) I love it!!! It is so cute.

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Mystery CAL progress

I am now onto the sewing part of the Mystery CAL. I love this pattern. I had wanted to make it for the past 2 years, but never got around to it. I am into the final part of the sewing. Just have to do the flower, leaves and the triming (edging).
I am enjoying it so much. I am still using my leftover yarn to do the sewing.


Monday, July 07, 2008

One of the worst things ...

about pregnancy, is when you want to clip your toe nails, you can't bend down to reach them. LOL I wish someone would do them for me. (^_~)


Let it rain!!!

The sky has finally opened up and it is pouring with rain!!!! It is also a bit cool too. But I dont care, we are getting some rain!!!
I am contemplating to go and collect Miles from Kindy now, or wait until the rain eases. I will probably go in about 20 minutes to collect him, but it is very wet outside.
Hubby, still isnt home from work. I dont know if it is heavy rain at Warwick, hopefully not too heavy. If there is a flash flood, then the road that he uses to come home will be cut off and he will have to drive the long way home.

Postie delievered a RAK today to me. It was a double ended crochet hook. The first time I have seen one like it. I cant wait to start a project with it, it is so long and red and screaming to be used. But I must show some restraint before I start another project.

I did a bit of cleaning out today and threw out a lot of old clothes that I had and was not wearing that much. So hopefully that should make hubby happy that there is a little more space in the closet now. I am really wanting to declutter my stuff down, so I feel that every bit removed will be greatly appreciated by my hubby.

With all the crocheting and now knitting that I am doing, I am sure that I will be filling up my place with handmade items, made by me. I really want to get into making some of my own clothes. I don't care about fashion, but just what feels good on me. I am currently looking at Simply Knitting magazine, May Issue 41, and I am really loving the look of the Fifties Glamour top ,"Cool & Classic" on pages 40-43. I dont know if I like the off the shoulder look, but I do love the design of the top. I could make the neckline shorter...but now I am just getting a little carried away with myself at this point. I will have to do a few more knitting projects before jumping head first into clothing for myself.

Well I better go and collect Miles from Kindy.

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Mystery CAL progress

Just finished the 3rd part of the mystery CAL on Ravelry in the Leftovers Monthy Group! I am just a little stuck on the sewing part, so I will wait and see how the others in the CAL have put their parts together.
I really like the progress that I have made with it.


Starghan Progress

Progress report - Starghan

I thought that I would post a little progress report on the Starghan that I am working on at the moment for Miles. Curently I am now working with black yarn, and was lucky enough to find another ball of black this morning, so I will continue with the black to the desired length. Miles choose the colour for it, and it is working out nicely. The orange really stands out against the black.

It is now 23 inches in length, from point to V (between points). So far, I have 3 rounds of black completed. I will use the remaining black yarn and then add the other black skein of yarn to it. I am hoping that it will be about 35 inches, but I will have to wait and see what size would be suitable for Miles.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Some photos of my projects

Starghan for Miles. Here is my progress so far on the starghan for Miles. It is coming along so quickly, and is so easy to follow. I am using Baby Starghan by Beth Espina-Cole. It is a free pattern too! I am almost finished all the orange yarn that I had, so I will go stash diving to find another colour to go with the orange. I was thinking maybe black and white, like Nemo! But I will see what Miles would like for his starghan. He loves it already, and can't wait to have it.

Lace wrap, photos of it finally!!! I havent blocked it yet, but I will try and get to that this weekend. But here a few photos of the lace wrap, as well as, close ups of the butterfly and the front post stitch and back post stitch in the shells. Also, the back of the wrap.

I am planning on working on the starghan tonight for awhile, and then maybe something else. I am not sure yet, as I am still thinking about the other projects I want to make and finish this month.

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Secret Mission - Starghan

I have decided to make Miles a Starghan. He loves bright colours and a particular orange that I have. So I have started on the orange yarn for the inside of the starghan. I will work out what other colours to add to it, when I get there. So far this morning, I have completed 5.5 rounds! It is lookin good so far. If I have time tonight, I will work on it too, and Hopefully have it all finished for him by tomorrow, when I collect him from Kindy.

I am hoping to make a few more of these ones once I have finished, as I want to make one of Almaaz (my cousin's son) and one for the new baby (William). I might end up making a few smaller ones for Miles to play with his teddies and other stuffed animals, and maybe a couple for the car. This all depends on how many and how long it takes me to loose interest in making them, and how much time I have to do them.

I cannot help but to keep adding to my list of projects that I want to do. The month of June has been a busy month for me, craftwise, as I have learnt to knit, and completed a few knit projects and crochet projects. I have to get blocking soon, but I hate it so much. I will go and do the blocking on the weekend, as I have a very large box that would be suitable for blocking the lace wrap I have finished, and I will get Jumpei to help me if I need to get it cut or anything like that.

Wow the town emergency siren is sounding!!!! There must be another accident somewhere around here, so I am sure that the police, ambulance and the local firebrigade will be heading out somewhere. Boy oh boy it has been a busy 2 weeks for emergency services around here.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Well since I am now able to do basic knitting, I thought that it was about time that I updated my blogs title to reflect my new ability. So now it is "Kawano Crocheting (and Knitting) Adventures".

Update on projects
  • Seraphina's Shawl
  • Starghan
  • tawashi
  • Scarf for Miles
  • Tawashi
  • square

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Two and a half prawns

That is all that I can eat before I have an allergy to them, and my throat becomes itchy!!! So I now know my limit with prawns!

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Another accident in Town

I just got home from Warwick and what do I see when I am entering into my little town...Police, Ambulance, and Fire Brigade, all in front of the house that I wanted to buy when I was looking to buy a house. And right behind me was another ambulance.
Mum and Dad, said that when they came into town from Warwick, they were trying to cut the driver out.
Well they had the door off when I came, so mum and dad must have been just a head of me. They are still working on the driver, so maybe within the hour, the mess will be cleaned up, and all will be back to normal in town.
I wish drivers would take a bit more care on the roads. This week has been full of drivers and deaths and stupidity! Seriously, if your not going to drive responsibly, then get off the roads and keep it safe for the rest of us. [Soapbox put away]

Another project finished

Last night I finished the lace wrap! I just have to tidy it up a bit with the loose ends and then block it. I think it looks very cute.
I have made it 2 repeat deep, so it has 3 butterflies down. I havent taken measurements yet, but once I have it blocked I will get out the tape measure and give it a once over. All I have to do is work out where the tape measure is.

Miles isnt feeling too good today either, he had a fever last night. He did end up having a good sleep though, and has just woken up.

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