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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Today I head on over to Toowoomba to help out my cousin, she has to go to the hospital for her checkup, so has asked me if I could come on over and look after her son. He will be 6 months old on Saturday! So that means an active boy indeed. He is starting to roll about and lift his bum up for crawling, so it wont be long until he is on the move.
I am taking both my knitting and my crocheting with me, as well as my son and mother, as she loves the baby, and any chance she can have to be with him makes her happy. It also gives Miles a chance to be around the baby, and he loves it too. It will be nice to see him interact with Almaaz.
So I will be busy today, as it is an hours drive to Toowoomba from here. Already I have cleaned the house and I can already start to feel my energy level going down. I still have to collect Miles from Kindy before I go, as I have him in there for a few hours today, so that I can get a bit of work done.



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