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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Taking the plunge with knitting

Well I have found a pattern that I would like to try to knit. Dont know how to convert it into a crochet pattern, so I have to give the needles a go and see how I go.
The pattern I am going to attempt to try is called HERRINGBONE NECK WARMER!
I have to go stash diving to find some yarn to try it out on, but I am sure that I have something in there that would be suitable.
I found a great video on youtube on how to do the special stitches on the Herringbone neck warmer. So my level of apprehension has dropped to a level that it might be something that I can do!
I might start it after I have finished my sons hat (using the husbands hat pattern, but reducing a few rounds to fit his head).
I started the hat last night, and have completed about 4 rounds. I probably need another 3 rounds and it would be big enough to cover the top of his head and then I can start on the body of the hat. I hope to have it finished by the weekend. ^_^

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  • At 9:38 am, Blogger Happyplace. said…

    Yay! I was hoping you'd give knitting another try. I love to crochet, too, but I love knitted garments...and there are so many awesome baby knits!
    Now, if and when you do a baby knit...you HAVE to tell me what it is...I am making something for you!!


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