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Sunday, June 29, 2008

More FO with photos

Well I finished blocking the knitted neck warmer, I am not sure why it keeps curling, but it is nice and warm. After I stitched the button on, I took it outside to let my husband see it and wear it. He said that it was nice and warm. I havent added any flowers or anything, incase he wears it again. I dont think it would look really good with a flower on it around my husbands neck. But here are the photos of my knitted neck warmer.

Not being able to contain myself, I started my second tawashi, using the same pattern as the first one, but did it in a different stitch, not sure what stitch it is. (so if anyone knows please tell me!!!) It is the same pink and grey as the first one, but for some reason (lighting) it has come out as hot pink/orange. The first photo is more to the true colour of the tawashi.

On my hooks I have Seraphina's shawl, and the lace wrap. I am planning on getting the lace wrap finished as soon as possible so that I can block it and get it ready to send out to my exchange partner. It doesnt appear to be very wide, but I am sure that it would be great as either a little shoulder wrap or a little wrap around the neck.

Baby is moving about with great force these days. I have managed to get some work done in the boys room. Tomorrow, I am planning on putting the baby clothes away in the draws and getting the bags packed. Then I will have most of what I need finished. I still have to do the final shopping, of nappy liners, wipes, nappies (diapers), etc. I am think about using both disposable nappies and cloth ones, I washed all my cloth nappies and have them at the ready, but will also use disposable ones for when I am going out. I just dont like the thought of carrying dirty nappies with me when I am out shopping or out and about. But whilst at home, I think I can manage cloth ones. I will see how the baby and I go. I remember with Miles, he hated the cloth nappies, and would cry and wake up whenever he wet or dirtied them. But once he was in the disposable ones, he slept better and was a pleasant boy. But most of all he loved his free time with nothing on!

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