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Monday, June 30, 2008

A sick little boy

This morning was very interesting. I got Miles ready to go to kindy, as he wanted to go, and I just wasnt too sure that he would be able to do a whole day there, as he has a nasty cough. But he was insistant that he wanted to go. So off we go to kindy...the all 2 minute walk there. He went straight to the toys after putting his bag and hat away. I stayed for a while, about a good 30 minutes, helping him and the other children, before Miles said I could go home.
So I am at home, enjoying the quiet time, and looking at the yarn that I just got in the mail from DoodleDuck at Ravelry, and thinking what to make with it, when I hear my mobile phone going off. By the time I remember which button to press, since it has been so long since my mobile has rang, and the fact that one button is red and the other is green, I was too late to answer it. But thankfully I have caller ID so I knew it was the kindy. I called them and was told that Miles is very upset and getting upset by the minute and breathing funny. They had tired everything, but he just wasnt a happy boy.
So I went and collected him from there, and boy was he upset. He didnt want to look at the other children or the teachers. He just wanted to go home. We walked back home, and he climbed onto the futon and laid down and went off to sleep for about an hour. I didnt like the way he was breathing and knew it was time to go and get the Nebulizer. So I had to wait until he woke up and mum arrived, as she had called just before Kindy to tell me she was coming over.
When we got home, I placed him on the machine, and it made a dramatic difference in him.
Now he is just sitting down watching television, watching Big Brother, he is being very quiet. He hasnt touched his dinner, but he has been eating during the day, and quite a bit, too. I know it wont last to much longer, as he needs to be cuddled, and cuddled a lot, poor little fella.

Crocheting and knitting
I am working on 2 things at the moment, the lace wrap and now a colourful scarf/muffler for Miles with one ball of the yarn that was gifted to me. Miles really loves the colours and is so happy that this is for him. (^_^)
I have a few other projects that I want to get started soon too. I want to make a little turtle or two and a few other items that I have as WIMs.

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