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Friday, July 28, 2006

Four square Doily

I have started the Four Square Doily CAL and am up to round 5. So far so good. I am actually really enjoying it. :) I am using thread, that I picked up at Spotlight, but I cant remember what color it is, I believe it was called charcoal or something similar. It is a beautiful color and cant wait to see how the doily turns out in it.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Starry Night

This is a doily I made whilst I was in Japan. I made it for my friend and gave it to her before I left to come back home to Australia. It is from a Japanese crochet book and the pattern was all in symbols. I started out crocheting in symbols so I have problems with that. I have only started reading patterns (this is a struggle for me, since I am used to the visual side of pattern reading).
Doilies were my first projects that I every crocheted, so I am very comfortable with them. I am going to attempted to do the Four-square doily as a CAL, hopefully I wont have to many problems with it. Fingers crossed.
If I am able to complete it in thread, I was thinking that the doily would make a nice bed spread, something decorative to liven up the room.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

my new bag!!!

I made this bag with no pattern. I used sc for the base of the bag, and dc on the round for the rest of the bag. I used a cross-stitch crochet to create a diamond (close-up photo) pattern on the front of the bag. I also used the cross-stitch pattern for the handle of the handbag.

What I have created...

A couple of months back I made this vest for my son, I thought that I should add some pictures of it, it is done in sc with fun fur trimming also done in sc.

This is the jewellery pouch that I made for myself. It is big enough to hold a watch, or necklace and earrings. I am planning on making a few more as they are so cute. :)


What a woman!!!! Tell me what you think of the hairstyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whispering Elegance Sweater

I have had a lot of requests for where I got the pattern for Whispering Elegance sweater, if your interested in getting the pattern please go here to Shelle Cain. She is the designer for the sweater and many other great patterns. Happy crocheting everyone.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

ROAK'd again

On Tuesday I got a lovely surprise in the mail...I had been ROAK'd!!! From Chicago too!!! I got TLC Amore yarn in purple and some yellow thread and a size 6 Susan Bates Afghan hook, plus a lovely note from my Fairy Godmother. Thank you whoever you are. I really appreciated it. My son loves the box and plays with it.
He got his 18month injection too, and he didnt cry, all he did was say "oh, OHHHHHH" and that was it. I am so lucky to have a good little man like that. If only teething was easier. He is getting a few in all at once. Poor thing.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Photos finally....FO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the Whispering Elegance sweater that I made. I made it in light blue 8ply and made it large, it wraps around me and keeps me very warm. Thanks Shelle for making such a wonderful pattern...I love it...That is my mother modeling it for me, she is shorter then me so it looks a little long on her but it hangs at my calf area. :) Love it so much!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I've been ROAKed!!!!

I got home from playgroup with my son and found a lovely surprise waiting for me next to my computer...A lovely set of baseball cards from my Fairy God Mother in Richmond, Kentucky! Thank you so much for them, I am sure that once my hubby gets home he will retreat to the bedroom to look them over!!!! LOL He loves the Phillies a lot, and is a big baseball fan. Although we dont have a baseball team near us for him to join, he plays softball in the summertime here in Australia and loves it a lot. :) Thanks again FGM
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