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Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm ...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Miles and his Anpanman cupcake. He loves Anpanman, but we cannot find any Anpanman items out here, where we live. But atleast I can cook, and bake cupcakes and make him his own Anpanman cupcakes. He ate that one pretty quickly.

During the Easter holidays, we went for a drive to see my parents at their other property and on the way back, on the highway, a little joey walked across the road, she didnt look very healthy, as she was a bit thin, but Jumpei got out of the car and did his best at getting a shot of the baby kangaroo.

Someone is showing off on their big bike. Miles likes to ride on his bike during the day. The helmet is a little big, but he likes going around and around in the shed.

Australia Day heritage weekend. We came out to see the old cars, trucks and tractors and other old farming machinery. Miles and Jumpei had a great time together.

Miles and his amigurumi elephant. He loves that little guy, and played with him for hours. Now the elephant, has a spot in his bed!
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