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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Humid...who said that?

Wow, it is so humid here at the moment. You sweat in the house, you sweat outside, and you sweat right after you shower.
Miles has been drinking a lot of water and milk, as well as eating so much food, he is enjoying his Japanese meals, and today he had some little fish mixed with rice, that Jumpei's mother prepared for him. He also had some steamed sweet potato a little later on. Today he met his aunt and uncle for the first time, and he enjoyed himself with them. It was all smiles from him to everyone. He did have a few naps during the day, as it was so hot. At the moment he is sitting down holding his bottle of water and drinking it. I gave him some titty but he didnt want it....now he wants it.
He has been enjoying all of his new experiences here in Japan. He really likes going on the bike, and feeling the wind in his hair.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

We are in Japan now!!!


Well we made it, we have arrived safely and Miles is loving it...so many women to play with him and many faces all of whom are looking at him. Lucky boy.

Jumpei is having a hard time, the traffic is so slow for him...most of the speed limits are 20, 30, 40 and 50 k/hour, compared to Australia where we drive faster. He is missing driving in Australia, he complains that it is slow, and bloody Japanese drivers....But he is enjoying himself here.

It is so humid here...when we arrived, we say people wearing sweaters, but we were boiling and sweating...it has just been hot, and sometimes a bit cool, but not very often.

I arrived here with a headache, as I was awake the whole trip to keep an eye on Miles when we were travelling. I got a bit dehydrated, because they dont serve enough drinks or water on the plane and Miles kept drinking a lot. He really like the hostesses on the flight, they gave him a lot of attention, and at Fiji Transit lounge, some of the women took him for a while, both Indian and Fijian ladies. He loved all the attention he got from all of them.

Yesterday, we went for a drive and visited my friend Yoko. She was very surprised to see us, and thought that we might have called her when we arrived...but she was so happy to see all of us. Miles enjoyed his time there too. He had a lot of toys to play with, as Yoko has 2 boys. But Miles was a little to interested in their books and our cookies...

Miles has been sleeping a little bit in the cot, but most of the night he is still sleeping with me, at the moment, he is in the cot, fast asleep, he had a little breakfast, which was a slice of grated apple and some bread and a bit of his baby food. He is really liking the food here, last night he had some miso soup (watered down) with some potato in it, and he ate all of that, and he also had a rice meal, which he liked.

Miles really likes Jumpei's father, and often laughs at him when he comes into the room, he goes to Jumpei's mother too, and today he went to Grandma, he has been a bit unsure about her, but now I think he is fine.

Got to go.
Julie, Jumpei and Miles

Sunday, September 11, 2005

RSL Dinner or so we thought

Yesterday being the September 10, marked the birthday of my fathers friend who lives with us. He turned 69, something he didnt think that he would make, so as a treat, we decided as a birthday surprise to take him to the RSL in Warwick for dinner.
I called and booked a table for 6, with wheelchair access and a baby seat for my son, and waited till it was time to go. As time approached we all got ready, anticipating on having a good deal of roast, salads and baked potatoes.
Around 6, we all hopped into the car and left our sleepy town for the 30 minute drive to Warwick.
Arriving around 6.30, my husband, mother, son and I heading into the reception area to sign us all in, whilst dad and Peter worked out getting into the wheelchair.
Getting in there was easy, getting to the food area, HARD. They wanted PHOTO ID for everyone. I am quiet sure that my mother is over the age of 18 and so was the birthday boy. But with only 3 of us carring some form of ID with our heads attached to them, we were in a spot of bother.
The choices....wait for dad to go and find the IDs for mum and Peter or we go somewhere else that wasnt so inconsiderate about the age of people.
Lucky for us, Eagle Boys dont worry about your age when you want food to eat. So we headed home with 4 hot pizzas ready for eating as soon as we all got into our house.

What more could we want, a football game or two and pizza, washed down with a glass of diet coke.

I dont think I will be going back to the RSL for their stupid policy of photo ID.

Until next time....

Friday, September 09, 2005

Finished hat

Well I finally finished off the hat that I was crocheting. It is dark blue and looks great...it also feels great to. I wore it out today when I went out shopping with my mother, husband, son and my aunt. It was a long day, but we all had a great time...just a bit exhausted.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dads back...

Well Dad has finally made it home from being at his friends farm. He and my mother have been so busy, but hopefully they can spend their time now build up the nursery for this season.

My hat is almost finished...just a few more rounds of sc and then I think it will be great. I could have finished it last night, but my son didnt want to get off my lap and let me finish it...what an angel when he is sleeping.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Getting mother!

Today my husband and I brought home my mother and my fathers friend. It was an eventful day as always. First we stopped off at the cementary, so that my mother could pay a visit to her sisters grave. My mother is a great person, she has a big heart and is always putting everyone before herself, which at times also makes it hard for her to do what she really wants. As a gift to her, I crocheted her a pink shawl and a little stole, to keep her warm during winter. When I get a chance I will take a photo and place it onto the blog.

I am onto the final leg of the hat that I am crocheting. It is blue and I have used a variety of stitches to make it. Once I have finished it I will be wearing it to Japan with me when I go on holidays there.
The blanket, is still going on, I am hoping that I will get it finished by the end of winter of next year.

Till next time....

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Lost links

Whilst trying to rid my computer of something that was slowing it down and the annoying adware pop-ups, it has managed to delete all my programs. So my husband and I sat up last night and fixed it. Still have to load up a few more programs and then it is business as usual for my computer.

Lost all my crochet links, so that was a real pain, but I will slowly get it back.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Current crochet projects

At the moment, I am trying to crochet an afghan for my husband in his favourite football team colours, Go the Broncos!! (His team has lost the last 5 games...they better pick up there act or they wont be in the finals for this year!)

WIM (Works in Mind)
I have a craving to crochet up some baby booties...something I havent done before, and to also make a few hats and another shawl. I liked the sound of the exploding shawl so I might give that one a try whilst I am on holidays...I am not taking the afghan with me, as it would end up being to heavy to bring back.

Other news,
My son, is now 34weeks old, and has 2 teeth, and he is a big eater but prefers his milk still. He craves attention and does like it when I am on the computer for too long...boys
I have told my husband that I would like a girl next, so fingers crossed that I will have a little girl to play with in a year or two...
Anyway, it is a Sunday morning here and it is pretty cold and windy...the perfect day to stay in bed...but my son wanted to get out and about so we are both up whilst DH and Grand Malky are sleeping...Soon my mother will be home and it should be a great help for me.
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