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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Countdown begins

With only a few weeks left...lets face it, the weeks are currently flying by. I have 13 weeks to the official due date, but I think that he might come early, so anywhere in from 9 weeks to 13 weeks, he is coming out. I cannot see him going over. The first one was overdue, the second one was 2 weeks early, so anything is possible.

At the moment, the baby is very active. Tossing and turning and giving me a kick whenever he feels like it.

I think I will have another healthy 3kg+ baby.

I have a few more hospital and doctors appoinments to do until then. Tomorrow, I think I will go and get the glucose test out of the way. Need to stock up on water before hand, as finding my veins is becoming harder as I age. I dont understand why they go into hiding when the needle comes out, as I am not afraid of needles...just bee and wasp stings! They can be potental killers.

Nesting stage has started to really set in...I had to re-arrange the lounge room yesterday, I just had too. I like how the room looks too, it looks bigger! Have been working on the kids room as well, but that is still a demo site. Just got to fix the cot, change table, and the clothing! I want to get rid of some of the boys toys too. But they arent being very helpful with giving up their toys. But it will get done, sooner or later. Fingers crossed it will be sooner. Will be starting William in his own bed tonight, it is going to be a bit of a shock for him, when he wakes up in the morning and sees that he is able to escape from the bed, as the cot he couldnt get out and roam about the room. Not going to be too happy about that part, especially if I am sleeping, but it will be better for him in the long run, and for me with getting the cot ready for the baby.

I am a little concerned about the crying waking the boys up, but I dont know what this baby's routine is going to be. I am hoping that it will be a good 4 hour stretch between feeds. I just hope that the baby crying doesnt disturb the boys too much. Miles is already excited about the new one arriving soon, and William is still not sure what is going on, but he knows that there is a baby coming and that mummy has a big tummy. He thinks it is from eating my dinner, but I know that isnt the case.

Still craving Japanese food, and candy corn. But I can wait until I get some. I really love my sushi and sashimi but not whilst pregnant. Hopefully when holidays come about, I will be able to eat as much as I want when I want. Can only hope and dream.

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