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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Alone this New Years but for a good reason...

My hubby is playing music tonight to bring in the New Year with a band that he plays with on Sunday. This is the second time he has played at this venue with them, and I have missed his perfomance again, but I am just so happy that he is finally playing music. Tonight he is playing the Double Bass and the bass guitar. He also has my car, and I hope that when he is coming home, he doesnt run into a kangaroo.

Close up of hubby with his other girl, the upright bass.

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The end is coming ... for 2008 that is.

What a year it has been! We have experienced a break in the drought out here, now a heatwave, unusual weather patterns, not to mention all the new friends I have made with crocheting, Ravelry, and my other groups. All the projects that I have finished, things that I have learnt, like knitting! Getting a haircut instead of a trim. Having another baby this year, suffering morning sickness for the first 8 months of this year (wont miss that). Lossing and then gaining weight again (the never ending battle...but seriously I must stop eating all that chocolate). My in-laws visiting out from Japan, the new garden I got from their visit. The smiles on my childrens faces from seeing their other grandparents, Miles spelling out his name all the time. Driving to the Coast from here, yes that is correct, I drove from my place to the coast all by myself (and a reference book), getting lost on the way home (was listening to my husband give me directions) lol.
I am very thankful for this year, and it will be sad to see it go, as a lot of wonderful things have happened. The most special of them all was the quick arrival of our second son in August. He is now a big healthy 4 month old with a decent sleeping pattern, he has a big brother that loves him so much, and a father that is just so happy to have 2 sons.
I am also pleased that I had many projects finished both crocheting and knitting. I am looking forward to the new year by doing more projects.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

photos of my head and a dust storm

While on our way home from Toowoomba, we spotted a huge dust storm coming over from Clifton and Nobby. Jumpei managed to get this shot of the storm, but it doesnt do it justice. As there were dust clouds up higher and denser then this little one that he took. But all the same it is pretty cool and I love the colour of the fields. The storm was a few fields over too, but by the time I got driving again, it was coming over the road.

Now for the moment you have been waiting for...MY HEAD!!!!

So this is the new hair style, it is a bit wet, so it isnt sitting right (the fringe). But I am happy with it, and it is keeping me cooler and somewhat migrane free for most of the day.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Hair cut

I thought that I would write about my hair cut.
Normally I just get my husband to cut my hair, as I am not to into looking fashionable. But since the weather has been so hot here, the usual trimming of my hair wouldnt do. So at the suggestion of dear hubby, I went and got a hair cut.
Now the process of me getting a hair cut, is that I have no idea what style would look good on me, and if I open my mouth up and say a style of cut, I might end up leaving the saloon with a mo-hawk...yes that is right, I might end up blurting out that I would like a mo-hawk, only to realize halfway through the shave and cut that this hair style just doesnt suit me.
So when the woman asked me what I wanted I said "it is up to you, just something that would suit my face."
Her next comment to me was "Wow, you have really thick hair! Lets do a layered look."
"Fine." At that point, out came the comb and the brushing and parting, and clipping of my hair into bunches, before finally the cutting started. I sat there for a while whilst the woman cut my hair. It is amazing how light a head can feel once some hair is cut off it.
So after what seemed like a long time, I was asked yet another question!
"Would you like a fringe?"
"Sure, why not, I havent had one of them in a long time."
"We might do a sideways fringe. What do you think about that?"
Then she started the process once again of brushing, parting, clipping and then cutting. I really just let her do her job and hoped for the best.
Once she was finished (or so I thought) she started to grab little bunches of my hair and twisting it about and then cutting it (thinning it out).
A quick blowdry and it was over.
But seriously whilst I was getting my hair cut, with my glasses off, looking at a slightly out of focused me in the big mirror, I couldnt help but notice that I looked like Professor Snape. I could have told the woman to stop there, and I would have been happy to walk about looking all Snape-d out in my new hair-do. But I dont think that my hubby would have wanted me to come back looking like Snape with all that hair. He much prefers me looking as I do now with a layered look then as the dear, sexy Professor Snape. lol.
I will post a photo of the new hair-do later, once I have charged up the batteries for the camera.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Problems with sizing and Fit!

This is taken from the Crochet World newsletter I thought I would post this bit of information here, as it is would be so helpful in knowing this information when working on projects.

Problems With Sizing & Fit

Readers often ask about various problems with sizing and fit in crocheted garments. Here is some information that you might find beneficial if you have had similar concerns.

Fitting Garments Correctly
Often the hardest part about crocheting a garment is getting it to fit. Even if you choose to work the pattern to the same size you wear in a ready-made garment and you check your gauge carefully as you go, it doesn't always ensure that the end result will fit correctly.
Keep in mind that the sizing of crocheted garments differs slightly from the items you purchase at a retail store. The key to getting it right is taking accurate body measurements.
Before you begin, measure the person for whom the garment is intended. Measure children around the chest, just under the arms. Measure pre-teens around the chest, waist and hips if you are making a long sweater, skirt or dress. Measure women around the fullest part of the bust, around the waist and hips (approximately 7 inches below the waist). Measure men around the chest, just under the arms.
Although it may differ from your ready-made garments, the bust measurement is the key to successful sizing in women's crocheted garments (except skirts). So, choose the size in the pattern instructions based on that measurement.
Once you've taken accurate measurements, check them against your pattern directions. You may find that while you thought your subject was a perfect size medium, he or she may actually be a size large. Make your adjustments using the measurements as a guide, and you'll find that your garments will fit comfortably and look great.

Increasing Pattern Sizes
Each clothing pattern differs in the yarn weight and hook size required. However, if you study your directions carefully, you will find that there is usually a continuity of increased stitches between sizes. For example: chain 37 for small, 41 for medium and 45 for large to measure 12 (14, 16) inches. In this example, we see that there are four stitches increased in the foundation chain for each size to correspond with the measurements. Also, note that they are all odd numbers: 37, 41 and 45 so it is essential to keep to that for pattern accuracy.
In patterns, size large usually indicates a size 16, unless otherwise stated. Therefore, keeping to this example to bring it to a 20, you add 4 stitches to make it an 18, and another 4 stitches to bring the size to a 20. This section of your work would then measure 20 inches. Measure yourself in the area that the section is designed to fit to see if the measurement is adequate. If it is, proceed; if not, use your measurements, allowing for comfort. Be sure to chain an odd or even number of stitches as directed in the instructions, as the pattern design may depend upon either odd or even numbers of stitches on the first row.
You may find it easier to work from exact body measurements for larger sizes. If you measure yourself correctly and make your foundation chain to correspond, you will have an accurate, comfortable fit.

Measuring Sections to Fit
The proper way to measure a crocheted section is to lay the piece out on a firm, flat surface and measure without stretching. Measure vertically or horizontally only and never around curves. Measure often, especially if you are having trouble. If you correct your problem early on, it's much easier to fix. Also, pay close attention to your gauge and make practice swatches before you begin a project.

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What a week!

December is now becoming a busy time, not just with the shopping, but also with the parties that we have to go to. We have the local Street Christmas party Friday night. It is a lot of fun, with singing, the local kids doing a play and singing, and Santa coming. Miles loves it so much, this year, I think he will be concentrating on Santa and not the ice-block that he gives out. We have a lot of children in our town, so you can imagine the yelling and screaming that is going to be happening when a whole lot of them are running about. There is also a few rides and some activities for the children, and raffles, lots of raffles...but I never win...but this year could be different. *fingers crossed*
On Saturday, We have Jumpei's work christmas party. This will be the first one we are going to, as we normally head out to softball on the same day, but this year we decided to go. Should be fun, I hear that there is a jumping castle there, so I know where Miles is going to be.
The following Saturday, we have a birthday party to go to!
So sometime next week, or the week after we are going to have to do our christmas shopping for the boys and others.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tis the silly season...

Well, December has finally arrived! Got to do shopping and wrap presents and start working out what I am going to cook for Christmas day. Since we are not going to go anywhere this year, we are just planning on a quiet day at home and drama free.
I shall call this christmas a Bullshit free Christmas! I dont have to listen to bullshit from people! Horray!!!
William is on the verge of crawling...he is going really well for 3.5 month old. Miles is so into Ben 10 these days, that is all he ever wants to watch.
Well I havent begin gdoing much with crocheting or knitting. Just dont have the stamina at the moment. So tired.
I am planning on trying my hand at lace knitting, but I think I should practice some more on just simple knit and purl first before starting on something that looks so complicated.
I am also thinking about tackling some of my projects that I have in my ravelry queue. I have a few bags in there and I have a few squares as well. I dont think I will start on the wearables just yet.

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