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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My tummy, Miles, and dinner

Tummy moving and rumbling, but I'm not hungry! The little one is moving about so much today, it could be because I had to drive into Toowoomba today. A long drive when you are 27.3 weeks along. I only have 12 weeks and 4 days to go before the due date of August 31st!!! I hope he arrives sometimes in August and not before. I want to take a few days off driving but I have a feeling that there is more driving about in store for me. ^_~ I dont mind doing it so much, but it does start to take its toll on me, as I am finding that I am more and more tired during the day. I havent had my afternoon nap today, as I have been busy cleaning my house (with some help from mum). I have got to get into Miles's room and get it ready for when the baby comes. I have to organise his toy box and reduce some of the toys, as he has a lot of bits and pieces that he doesnt play with, I will give them to the local charity so that some other child can get some use out of them. But I have to do this when he is out at kindy or I will never be able to get the work done, as he wants to "help" me.
Miles did have another great day at Kindy. He did a few paintings and coloured a few pictures. I can tell he has been in the sandpit, as there is sand in his bag and shoes!!! He loves the sandpit a lot, but we aren't going to get him one, as next door has a cat that likes to come into our yard. There is also another cat that likes to sit in our yard too, so the idea of having Miles playing in there and one of these cats coming and using it as a personal toilet is something that I just dont want to have to think about. We are going to get him a swing set after the baby is born, as it should be getting nice and warm by then and it would be good for him to be able to play outside in the yard after his day at kindy, and on the weekends. We still have to decide where to put it, as I want it somewhere where I can see him on it. I want to get him the one with the slide attached onto it, as he loves to slide and climb!

crochet news
I am onto round 7 now of Miles's hat. I hope to be able to get most of it done tonight, that is if I don't fall asleep. I hope to have it atleast 50% finished by tonight. Fingers crossed.

I thought that I would say that I am cooking a fish for tonights dinner. This is for hubby more then me, as I dont really like eating fish because of the bones. I can eat sashimi, sushi, smoked salmon and other raw fish, but cooked fish gives me headaches, as I normally get a fishbone stuck in my mouth or throat. Not fun at all. But hubby likes fish, so it is going to be fish for him tonight with a warm steaming bowl of rice. Miles is going to love it too, as he will eat fish and rice with no problems. He wants to be just like his father, and will often copy him at the dinner table. ^_^

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