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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

FO Husbands Hat

Just before my hubby got home from work, I did the final touches to his Husbands Hat. He was very happy with it when I gave it to him.
I will take a photo of it later on, I need to charge up the batteries for the camera. I have a few other FO (Dots Ditty bag and Pill purse) that I need to take photos of.

I am still working on my Seraphina's shawl. I hope to have it finished this month. Along with a few other projects that I am planning to work on.

Miles has had another great day at Kindy! So that is so good. He really is enjoying his time there and I think he is finding the whole experience a bit overwhelming at first but I think that within the week, it will be all normal for him.
He does look forward to me collecting him from there and seeing his father once he gets home. ^_^ It is so great, he really likes his time playing games with his daddy and doing silly things with him.
He still has a horrible cough at night, but it seems that through the day he is fine. I guess that the cough medicine is working during the day for him, hopefully he will be over this little cough, and will be back to his normal self, sleeping the night through.

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