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Monday, June 02, 2008

Husbands hat

I have almost finished the hat. I thought that I would have finished it last night, but Miles had other plans for me. He is suffering from a cold, so like most boys, is in need of lots of cuddles and hugs and somewhere to rest his head so that he can get to sleep. It is really cute, but does infringe on crocheting, as he doesnt get himself into a comfortable position. LOL
But today he went to kindy, and he loved it a lot. He will go there again tomorrow, and for the rest of the week. It does give me a lot of free time now. Today, I drove from my town to Warwick and back again about 3 times today. Got a car registered for dad and now all I have to do is go back and collect dad from work. Then he can drive himself to work from now.
Today is also very windy and cold. We got a bit of rain last night, and today too. Just a drinking of rain, so I cant see any reason for a flash flooding in the area, as the rain has been so light. We might have a lot of rain later this week. ^_^



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