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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Rethinking Knitting and other projects

I am finding it so hard to hold the damn needles. But I did manage 2 rows of the neckwarmer before I forgot what I was doing and had to frog it again. I will keep trying swatching until I get it. It should be an interesting experience, that is if I dont throw my needles down in frustration! I dont know how anyone could knit and enjoy it, but I guess that once I get the hang of it, it might be something that I also enjoy too. I want to enjoy it. I really do! I have been using youtube and knittinghelp.com to help me with my knitting. I can do the long tail cast on, I like this one, as it is so easy and quick! But now all I have to do is remember which way I am doing my knitting and to remember what I am doing after I put the needles down and pick them up again.

Scrap projects
I have a little bit of white yarn left over from some other projects that I have finished, so I thought that I could give a try at recreating Oberon's Lace wrap. I think I have got it! I have only done 2 rows, but it does look similar to it. I have to complete 4 rows to see if it matches up closely to the original pattern. But my feelings is that it should.

Other project news
Well last night I didnt get to work on the husbands hat for my son, as I was so tired. We all were in bed by 8.30pm! So I am planning on working on it today, since i dont think that I will be driving anywhere today if I can help it. I want to work on that and work on my other scrap projects. I am very pleased that I am able to work out the Oberon's lace wrap pattern. ^_^
I might go stash diving and get some nice yarn out, and make a bigger version of the lace wrap.

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