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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Another accident in Town

I just got home from Warwick and what do I see when I am entering into my little town...Police, Ambulance, and Fire Brigade, all in front of the house that I wanted to buy when I was looking to buy a house. And right behind me was another ambulance.
Mum and Dad, said that when they came into town from Warwick, they were trying to cut the driver out.
Well they had the door off when I came, so mum and dad must have been just a head of me. They are still working on the driver, so maybe within the hour, the mess will be cleaned up, and all will be back to normal in town.
I wish drivers would take a bit more care on the roads. This week has been full of drivers and deaths and stupidity! Seriously, if your not going to drive responsibly, then get off the roads and keep it safe for the rest of us. [Soapbox put away]


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