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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Secret Mission - Starghan

I have decided to make Miles a Starghan. He loves bright colours and a particular orange that I have. So I have started on the orange yarn for the inside of the starghan. I will work out what other colours to add to it, when I get there. So far this morning, I have completed 5.5 rounds! It is lookin good so far. If I have time tonight, I will work on it too, and Hopefully have it all finished for him by tomorrow, when I collect him from Kindy.

I am hoping to make a few more of these ones once I have finished, as I want to make one of Almaaz (my cousin's son) and one for the new baby (William). I might end up making a few smaller ones for Miles to play with his teddies and other stuffed animals, and maybe a couple for the car. This all depends on how many and how long it takes me to loose interest in making them, and how much time I have to do them.

I cannot help but to keep adding to my list of projects that I want to do. The month of June has been a busy month for me, craftwise, as I have learnt to knit, and completed a few knit projects and crochet projects. I have to get blocking soon, but I hate it so much. I will go and do the blocking on the weekend, as I have a very large box that would be suitable for blocking the lace wrap I have finished, and I will get Jumpei to help me if I need to get it cut or anything like that.

Wow the town emergency siren is sounding!!!! There must be another accident somewhere around here, so I am sure that the police, ambulance and the local firebrigade will be heading out somewhere. Boy oh boy it has been a busy 2 weeks for emergency services around here.

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