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Saturday, July 19, 2008

One sick boy and a Happy Mother!!!

Miles isnt too happy. He has the flu or something, and has a tummy ache, runny nose and a watery eye. Not a pretty sight, but he is smiling and wanting lots of cuddles.
He is very pleased that I am knitting Morris, his teddy bear, a blanket. I have moved on from the green yarn to the grey. I got Miles to grab me the next ball, and he collected the grey one, and it looks good against the green. I hope to get a bit more of it finished tonight, and maybe a photo or two of what I am doing taken tomorrow.

RAKs and Secret Pal
I received a few RAKs and a Secret Pal this week.
RAKs - finally received a few stitch markers, they are so beautiful and cant wait to try them out on my next projects. I really need to learn how to make them. I also received a square, a magnet, 2 balls of sugar n cream!
My Secret Pal from CrochetX sent me a lovely gift. Tomorrow, when I am taking some photos, I am going to show you what she sent me. She has done some beautiful work and I love them very much!!!

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