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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sandstone art in Warwick

We went into Warwick today to see the sandstone art that is in the process of being made.

Some sandstone work being made into a sculpture.

Miles and Jumpei looking at the art work being created.

Miles and me. Miles got to collect 3 pine cones, so he was really happy.

I think this is a woman working on this sculpture.

A group of sandstone blocks being worked upon.

An interesting piece. Not sure what it is yet, so will have to come back later in the week to have a good look at it.

More sandstone sculptures.

A very large piece of sandstone being carved and chisseled out.

Another good thing about this, is my mother is working on a piece of sandstone, and is making a sculpture as part of the Jumper and Jazz event in Warwick.

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