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Monday, July 07, 2008

Let it rain!!!

The sky has finally opened up and it is pouring with rain!!!! It is also a bit cool too. But I dont care, we are getting some rain!!!
I am contemplating to go and collect Miles from Kindy now, or wait until the rain eases. I will probably go in about 20 minutes to collect him, but it is very wet outside.
Hubby, still isnt home from work. I dont know if it is heavy rain at Warwick, hopefully not too heavy. If there is a flash flood, then the road that he uses to come home will be cut off and he will have to drive the long way home.

Postie delievered a RAK today to me. It was a double ended crochet hook. The first time I have seen one like it. I cant wait to start a project with it, it is so long and red and screaming to be used. But I must show some restraint before I start another project.

I did a bit of cleaning out today and threw out a lot of old clothes that I had and was not wearing that much. So hopefully that should make hubby happy that there is a little more space in the closet now. I am really wanting to declutter my stuff down, so I feel that every bit removed will be greatly appreciated by my hubby.

With all the crocheting and now knitting that I am doing, I am sure that I will be filling up my place with handmade items, made by me. I really want to get into making some of my own clothes. I don't care about fashion, but just what feels good on me. I am currently looking at Simply Knitting magazine, May Issue 41, and I am really loving the look of the Fifties Glamour top ,"Cool & Classic" on pages 40-43. I dont know if I like the off the shoulder look, but I do love the design of the top. I could make the neckline shorter...but now I am just getting a little carried away with myself at this point. I will have to do a few more knitting projects before jumping head first into clothing for myself.

Well I better go and collect Miles from Kindy.

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