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Friday, July 04, 2008

Some photos of my projects

Starghan for Miles. Here is my progress so far on the starghan for Miles. It is coming along so quickly, and is so easy to follow. I am using Baby Starghan by Beth Espina-Cole. It is a free pattern too! I am almost finished all the orange yarn that I had, so I will go stash diving to find another colour to go with the orange. I was thinking maybe black and white, like Nemo! But I will see what Miles would like for his starghan. He loves it already, and can't wait to have it.

Lace wrap, photos of it finally!!! I havent blocked it yet, but I will try and get to that this weekend. But here a few photos of the lace wrap, as well as, close ups of the butterfly and the front post stitch and back post stitch in the shells. Also, the back of the wrap.

I am planning on working on the starghan tonight for awhile, and then maybe something else. I am not sure yet, as I am still thinking about the other projects I want to make and finish this month.

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