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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Miles Mishappening....

Well it is a lovely Thursday evening. I am sitting down feeding Willy, he is almost asleep, hubby is on the computer reading something about music, and Miles, is in his room, tidying it up....or so I think.
The next thing, he comes running out of his room crying and screaming that "I am going to die!" over and over again. He is pulling his shirt down from his neck and has his mouth open, and tears are streaming down his face.
Hubby gets up from his seat, I hand him Willy, who has now woken up with all of this excitement, and I go and calm Miles down. I think he has been stun by something in his mouth, but no, he as swolled a marble and is freaking out about it, as it is stuck in his throat. I get him calm and tell him, "no you are not going to die." It takes a few moments for him to understand that he isnt going to die.
He wanted to go to the doctors (which means a drive to the hospital, as the doctors are closed at this time), so I call them instead to find out what I should do....
He has to wait for the next 24-48 hours, and hope that it passes out of his system. lol So now it is just a waiting game to see if it will come out or not, if it doesnt then he has to go to the hospital and they will do their thing.
The poor thing had to go to do a wee and was hoping that it would come out and when it didnt, he got upset again...lol the concept of time is so hard for the little fella.

So now I must wait along with him to see if that marble pops out.

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  • At 10:28 pm, Blogger Marissa said…

    Ah, yes...and this, too shall pass...
    Even when they're old enough to know better, they still put things in their mouths!


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