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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

sick dogs get some rest

How come I dont get a rest! Im sick...sicker then most dogs that have been eating roadkill for the past week. I dont like being sick. Willy and I both have a cold, and it is not nice at all. I am awake most of the night trying to get Willy to go back to sleep, so I am going without. I know it is part of the package deal that mothers (and fathers) sign up for. I am looking forward to having a nice hot shower before having to the doctors. I am also crossing my fingers that I get to see a dentist sometime this week. I might as well have it removed, as it is painful and not fun any more. lol

There was going to be a photo here of me, but I just couldnt do it...its just wrong to inflict that kind of punishment on people...lol

I am working on my quidditch projects at the moment. I have to see what else i can fit in, but my 2 main goals for this month, is my quidditch outfit for Willy and my OWL. I want to get about 25% of them done.

I have finished a few projects last month and just one so far this month. Not bad going.

(Im just waiting for my mummy to come over and look after me...)

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  • At 11:58 am, Blogger Marissa said…

    Wish I could come watch the kids for a bit for you, and bring you some chicken soup.
    Feel better!


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