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Monday, June 22, 2009

Captains log 86738930

Day four,

still no sign of life from the marble (now known as magnetic k'nex-type thingy) [Thank you Marissa, that is exactly what it is...the round silver ball of magnetic fun]
Spoken to a nurse at the hospital, and have thus given him a fruit salad, a glass of water with metamucle [spelling unknown, and dont care at this point...it is the orange stuff full of roughage] and a nice cup of hot chocolate. Now just waiting for some action to happen.
The stress of movement is taking its told on some of the crew members. Ensign Kawano, is not patient enough and keeps insisting that Private Miles sits on the large white bowl of wastage disposal and hope that something comes out. Private Miles has repeatedly declines this request. Although he complains of stomach pains and aches, he will not allow movement to happen in the southern most region of his torso. Private William, has not had any problems, and has "gifted" the crew, mainly me with a nappy full of stinky mass.
A mysterious gas has floated into the room, but all have denied it has come from them...a request has been issued by a crew member, but at this point in time, it is not feasible to do so.
The crew is in lockdown for tonight, as it is raining outside and dark. No need to venture out.
Crew members from the parent ship have arrived home safely from their journey, and catching up will be down in due time. Everyone is alive. Yippee.

Captains log out.

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  • At 3:03 am, Blogger Marissa said…

    What a riot! (except for the not pooping part.) Has he not gone at all, or is the ball just not playing along?
    Have I ever mentioned that I am the utmost failure at potty training, and thet my kids- BOTH of my kids- had to go on a prescription laxative for A YEAR to get them to poop AT ALL???
    We have set records.
    Docs in our local hospital are STILL talking about us.
    And here's the best part. Thing Two STILL doesn't go without prompting. (sometimes bribing.)He's 6. ugh.
    he waits so long, it hurts him to go. And then it's like giving birth. He is covered in sweat, shaking with effort, and sometimes there is tearing- causing him to put off going for another 5 days, and then we're back at it again. It's torture!

    If he hasn't done anything in 5 days, go for the glycerin suppositories. He will hate you for life, and require therapy, but he WILL poop. It's what the doc will do, and may be slightly less traumatizing at home. Or not.
    Does he swear, super swear, promise on his life and yours, that there was only ONE of those magnetic pieces? VERY IMPORTANT.
    fingers crossed for volcanic explosions soon!!!!

  • At 7:51 am, Blogger Kawano said…

    yes there is only one in there. lol
    Poor thing two, ouch! At least I dont really have that problem with Miles, he is normally regular and does it every night, but for the past three days, nothing!


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