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Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Hair cut

I thought that I would write about my hair cut.
Normally I just get my husband to cut my hair, as I am not to into looking fashionable. But since the weather has been so hot here, the usual trimming of my hair wouldnt do. So at the suggestion of dear hubby, I went and got a hair cut.
Now the process of me getting a hair cut, is that I have no idea what style would look good on me, and if I open my mouth up and say a style of cut, I might end up leaving the saloon with a mo-hawk...yes that is right, I might end up blurting out that I would like a mo-hawk, only to realize halfway through the shave and cut that this hair style just doesnt suit me.
So when the woman asked me what I wanted I said "it is up to you, just something that would suit my face."
Her next comment to me was "Wow, you have really thick hair! Lets do a layered look."
"Fine." At that point, out came the comb and the brushing and parting, and clipping of my hair into bunches, before finally the cutting started. I sat there for a while whilst the woman cut my hair. It is amazing how light a head can feel once some hair is cut off it.
So after what seemed like a long time, I was asked yet another question!
"Would you like a fringe?"
"Sure, why not, I havent had one of them in a long time."
"We might do a sideways fringe. What do you think about that?"
Then she started the process once again of brushing, parting, clipping and then cutting. I really just let her do her job and hoped for the best.
Once she was finished (or so I thought) she started to grab little bunches of my hair and twisting it about and then cutting it (thinning it out).
A quick blowdry and it was over.
But seriously whilst I was getting my hair cut, with my glasses off, looking at a slightly out of focused me in the big mirror, I couldnt help but notice that I looked like Professor Snape. I could have told the woman to stop there, and I would have been happy to walk about looking all Snape-d out in my new hair-do. But I dont think that my hubby would have wanted me to come back looking like Snape with all that hair. He much prefers me looking as I do now with a layered look then as the dear, sexy Professor Snape. lol.
I will post a photo of the new hair-do later, once I have charged up the batteries for the camera.

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  • At 11:06 am, Blogger Happyplace. said…

    Ha, I do the same thing..."just do whatever you think". I never know what I'm going to look like.
    No fair, no pics!!!!


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