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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tis the silly season...

Well, December has finally arrived! Got to do shopping and wrap presents and start working out what I am going to cook for Christmas day. Since we are not going to go anywhere this year, we are just planning on a quiet day at home and drama free.
I shall call this christmas a Bullshit free Christmas! I dont have to listen to bullshit from people! Horray!!!
William is on the verge of crawling...he is going really well for 3.5 month old. Miles is so into Ben 10 these days, that is all he ever wants to watch.
Well I havent begin gdoing much with crocheting or knitting. Just dont have the stamina at the moment. So tired.
I am planning on trying my hand at lace knitting, but I think I should practice some more on just simple knit and purl first before starting on something that looks so complicated.
I am also thinking about tackling some of my projects that I have in my ravelry queue. I have a few bags in there and I have a few squares as well. I dont think I will start on the wearables just yet.

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