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Thursday, December 11, 2008

What a week!

December is now becoming a busy time, not just with the shopping, but also with the parties that we have to go to. We have the local Street Christmas party Friday night. It is a lot of fun, with singing, the local kids doing a play and singing, and Santa coming. Miles loves it so much, this year, I think he will be concentrating on Santa and not the ice-block that he gives out. We have a lot of children in our town, so you can imagine the yelling and screaming that is going to be happening when a whole lot of them are running about. There is also a few rides and some activities for the children, and raffles, lots of raffles...but I never win...but this year could be different. *fingers crossed*
On Saturday, We have Jumpei's work christmas party. This will be the first one we are going to, as we normally head out to softball on the same day, but this year we decided to go. Should be fun, I hear that there is a jumping castle there, so I know where Miles is going to be.
The following Saturday, we have a birthday party to go to!
So sometime next week, or the week after we are going to have to do our christmas shopping for the boys and others.

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