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Sunday, July 16, 2006

my new bag!!!

I made this bag with no pattern. I used sc for the base of the bag, and dc on the round for the rest of the bag. I used a cross-stitch crochet to create a diamond (close-up photo) pattern on the front of the bag. I also used the cross-stitch pattern for the handle of the handbag.


  • At 4:45 pm, Blogger Beth in Denver said…

    What a cute bag. Excellent work. It looks perfect for summer.

  • At 7:37 am, Blogger Anna Q said…

    Looks great!

  • At 7:49 am, Blogger Norma said…

    You are so creative. All of the items you have made are gorgeous!!!


  • At 1:07 pm, Blogger Shelle said…

    Good job Julie!! Perfect for summer

  • At 8:10 am, Blogger shygurl said…

    love it. you did very good

  • At 9:58 am, Blogger Nancy D said…

    I love the bag and everything else too but the bag is my favorite..you done a great job girl.. hugs.. Nancy from Indiana...U.S.A...

  • At 3:24 am, Blogger ddumping said…

    Hey what a great site keep up the work its excellent.


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