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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Humid...who said that?

Wow, it is so humid here at the moment. You sweat in the house, you sweat outside, and you sweat right after you shower.
Miles has been drinking a lot of water and milk, as well as eating so much food, he is enjoying his Japanese meals, and today he had some little fish mixed with rice, that Jumpei's mother prepared for him. He also had some steamed sweet potato a little later on. Today he met his aunt and uncle for the first time, and he enjoyed himself with them. It was all smiles from him to everyone. He did have a few naps during the day, as it was so hot. At the moment he is sitting down holding his bottle of water and drinking it. I gave him some titty but he didnt want it....now he wants it.
He has been enjoying all of his new experiences here in Japan. He really likes going on the bike, and feeling the wind in his hair.


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