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Saturday, September 17, 2005

We are in Japan now!!!


Well we made it, we have arrived safely and Miles is loving it...so many women to play with him and many faces all of whom are looking at him. Lucky boy.

Jumpei is having a hard time, the traffic is so slow for him...most of the speed limits are 20, 30, 40 and 50 k/hour, compared to Australia where we drive faster. He is missing driving in Australia, he complains that it is slow, and bloody Japanese drivers....But he is enjoying himself here.

It is so humid here...when we arrived, we say people wearing sweaters, but we were boiling and sweating...it has just been hot, and sometimes a bit cool, but not very often.

I arrived here with a headache, as I was awake the whole trip to keep an eye on Miles when we were travelling. I got a bit dehydrated, because they dont serve enough drinks or water on the plane and Miles kept drinking a lot. He really like the hostesses on the flight, they gave him a lot of attention, and at Fiji Transit lounge, some of the women took him for a while, both Indian and Fijian ladies. He loved all the attention he got from all of them.

Yesterday, we went for a drive and visited my friend Yoko. She was very surprised to see us, and thought that we might have called her when we arrived...but she was so happy to see all of us. Miles enjoyed his time there too. He had a lot of toys to play with, as Yoko has 2 boys. But Miles was a little to interested in their books and our cookies...

Miles has been sleeping a little bit in the cot, but most of the night he is still sleeping with me, at the moment, he is in the cot, fast asleep, he had a little breakfast, which was a slice of grated apple and some bread and a bit of his baby food. He is really liking the food here, last night he had some miso soup (watered down) with some potato in it, and he ate all of that, and he also had a rice meal, which he liked.

Miles really likes Jumpei's father, and often laughs at him when he comes into the room, he goes to Jumpei's mother too, and today he went to Grandma, he has been a bit unsure about her, but now I think he is fine.

Got to go.
Julie, Jumpei and Miles


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