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Sunday, September 11, 2005

RSL Dinner or so we thought

Yesterday being the September 10, marked the birthday of my fathers friend who lives with us. He turned 69, something he didnt think that he would make, so as a treat, we decided as a birthday surprise to take him to the RSL in Warwick for dinner.
I called and booked a table for 6, with wheelchair access and a baby seat for my son, and waited till it was time to go. As time approached we all got ready, anticipating on having a good deal of roast, salads and baked potatoes.
Around 6, we all hopped into the car and left our sleepy town for the 30 minute drive to Warwick.
Arriving around 6.30, my husband, mother, son and I heading into the reception area to sign us all in, whilst dad and Peter worked out getting into the wheelchair.
Getting in there was easy, getting to the food area, HARD. They wanted PHOTO ID for everyone. I am quiet sure that my mother is over the age of 18 and so was the birthday boy. But with only 3 of us carring some form of ID with our heads attached to them, we were in a spot of bother.
The choices....wait for dad to go and find the IDs for mum and Peter or we go somewhere else that wasnt so inconsiderate about the age of people.
Lucky for us, Eagle Boys dont worry about your age when you want food to eat. So we headed home with 4 hot pizzas ready for eating as soon as we all got into our house.

What more could we want, a football game or two and pizza, washed down with a glass of diet coke.

I dont think I will be going back to the RSL for their stupid policy of photo ID.

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