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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Current crochet projects

At the moment, I am trying to crochet an afghan for my husband in his favourite football team colours, Go the Broncos!! (His team has lost the last 5 games...they better pick up there act or they wont be in the finals for this year!)

WIM (Works in Mind)
I have a craving to crochet up some baby booties...something I havent done before, and to also make a few hats and another shawl. I liked the sound of the exploding shawl so I might give that one a try whilst I am on holidays...I am not taking the afghan with me, as it would end up being to heavy to bring back.

Other news,
My son, is now 34weeks old, and has 2 teeth, and he is a big eater but prefers his milk still. He craves attention and does like it when I am on the computer for too long...boys
I have told my husband that I would like a girl next, so fingers crossed that I will have a little girl to play with in a year or two...
Anyway, it is a Sunday morning here and it is pretty cold and windy...the perfect day to stay in bed...but my son wanted to get out and about so we are both up whilst DH and Grand Malky are sleeping...Soon my mother will be home and it should be a great help for me.


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