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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

finished projects...and some stuff

Yesterday, my husband and I went into town and I brought some yarn. Maroon to continue on his afghan and some multicolour pink yarn and a fun fur. These are to make a skinny scarf and something else for my girlfriend who lives near Melbourne, and her birthday is soon (Valentines day). Today I finished off the skinny scarf. I made it using just the multi colour pink and a size 9mm hook, so it has the lacy look about it. It is only 7ch across and long enough for her... I am thinking about making a little hat for her, but dont know if a good pattern for her...something lacy and simple would be great. Any hints would be great!
Also I am planning on making either a neck warmer or smaller scarf for her.
If you havent already guessed, I miss my friend so much...hopefully she will read this and move back up here!! Big hint Nessa!!!

Elmo afghan
I finished off the Elmo afghan last week. I havent taken a photo of it yet, but have washed it and blocked it to my best effort. I am planning on entering it into the local show here in my hometown. Will let you know if I do and how I go at it.


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