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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


There are very few things that gets me both sad and happy at the same time. But today whilst reading the news there was a little article about Salma Hayek. I love her as an actress and seems to be down to earth. The fact that she is still breastfeeding her child is amazing, whilst most stop as soon as they can or dont do it at all.
But what she did is not part of a movie or promotion, she did something that would mean a lot to someone else. She offered her breast to a child to have a feed because he was hungry. I was so touched by that. It has been many decades when it was a common practice to breastfeed another child for a woman who was having difficulties.
Even though Salma Hayek mentions that her great grandmother did it for a poor woman who had no more milk for her child, it is still an impressive thing to offer your own to help another out.

Salma Hayek Breastfeeding An African Baby Boy



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