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Sunday, January 04, 2009

current projects and what I am up to

I just finished a little bag for little Ava. She is the daughter of one of my husbands work mates, her mother and I get along fine and I really like them. On Saturday, she is going to have her 1st birthday party, so I thought I would make her a little bag. I cross-stitched her name on it.

This year I have joined the HPKCHC or Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup on Ravelry. I am in Slytherin House. I have so far signed up for 2 classes, Dark Arts and Arithmancy, but hope that I might be able to do a few more this month.
I am working on the Exchange bag from Stitch 'n Bitch, the Happy Hooker for my DADA. I am using Red Heart Lavender that was RAKed to me from another Ravelry group. I want to get this bag finished in a few days, so that I can start my other project for HPKCHC.

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