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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cracked head

My poor car has a cracked head and water in its no. 6 cylinder. This whole thing is going to cost me up to or over $1400 to fix. I can kiss getting a Wii goodbye for now, as this is eating into our savings. But hopefully once that is done and fixed I wont have any problems until next year! Fingers crossed. We just brought another car for my hubby, a 1997 Nimbus, and it too is a 7 seater. It is very different from my Ford Falcon to drive but it is working and that is all that matters. I have decided that since I dont have my car this week I will not take his car, unless it is necessary. But I am sure that I can hold on for a few days before having to go and get my car back. The repair time was quoted as 8 hours. It sure does make one think about learning mechanics so you can DYI at home, but all I can think about is all that grease...lol and I dont want grease on my yarn or clothes.

Thought that I might update on what I am doing in crochet. I am working on a dragon for my HPKCHC, I have the head and body finished and sewn together, just got the arms, legs, wings and the other little bits and pieces to finish him off. Miles loves him and is looking forward to me finishing him.
After I have finished him, I can start thinking about my other items that I want to start (and finish). I have a few bookmarks that I want to make, fingerless mittens I want to try. I saw a knitted one that looks interesting but they use dpns and I cant work them out just yet, so will probably stick with crocheting for now.

William has the commando crawl down. He is crawling about the lounge all day long (except feeding and sleeping time) Miles has said that "William is my best friend", I thought that was so sweet. He really loves his little brother. I have one more year of Miles at Kindy before he starts Prep year at school. I am so looking forward to the book and uniform buying. It will be a lot of fun for sure. I wish I had his uniform now! lol

Well back to looking after the rascals. I have a lunchbox to pack, a baby to feed and a bowl of wheatbix (breakfast) to make.

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  • At 3:39 pm, Blogger I'm Marissa said…

    ugh, cars! But, I couldn't live without it. Not happily, anyway. I can't wait to see your dragon!


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