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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Horrible, just horrible...

Got a phone call about my car and I am now looking at somewhere about $3173 to get it fixed. I just cant believe that when I took her in there that there was so much wrong with her apart from a cracked head. I am rather annoyed that my other mechanic didnt pick up on these problems when I had her in his garage (all those 10 or so times). I have to seriously think about this, as it is a big thing. I like my car, she works like I want her to, serves her purpose, and has plenty of room for shopping and taking everyone from A to B. Hubby says fix it! I want to fix it! but it is an awful lot to pay for a car to get fixed.

I came across this pattern called Fish Hat it looks like fun and I so want to make some. They would be so cool (and different) to wear. I think I like them dead!
I am still working on my crochet homework for HPKCHC for my Arithmancy class. I am almost finished. Miles has already claimed it, too.

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