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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Remove them

Miles at kindy with his cake. All the kids wanted green icing...lol it was funny to watch them eat the cake. Only 2 of them didnt finish their cake, but ate the icing...lol

Miles with is GreyMatter toy, he loves Ben 10 so much. He has been looking after his toy by placing him back in the box and then taking him out when he wants to play with him.

A little blurry, but Jumpei took this photo of me and the boys.
I am suffering! Sheer pain, cant swallow properly, tonsil flared! I want them taken out. Each year they play up on me (not just once, but up to three times in one year)! It is horrible. I am also hot, at 39.7 Degrees C! That is just not normal.

Since I have not been feeling well, I have not been crocheting nor knitting at all. Concentration is so limited.
Tomorrow, i take Miles to the doctors for his 4 yr immunisation needle. He should be happy about that. I dont know if he is going to cry or not, as his last couple of needles he didnt cry at all. He was very brave.

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  • At 12:05 am, Blogger I'm Marissa said…

    Wow, look at the size of Your Thing Two! He's huge!!! Jeez, he'll be walking in no time. Happy Birthday to Miles!!! And, hey, My Thing Two is one of those kids who eats frosting- only. And then he spins around in circles for hours from the sugar high. It's awesome! Hope you feel better,


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