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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It just continues...

Still no car. We thought we had one lined up but alas, it got sold right after we saw it, and she didnt let me know, until I called her up about it. That was like 2 days ago! But I have another one lined up that would be suitable for hubby, all I have to do is organise my father, Jumpei, and me for Saturday. I want Jumpei to take his parents out to softball on Saturday, so that they can watch him play, but he doesnt want to drive dad's car for some "#$(% reason. I am quite sure it is to shit me off and make it harder for me to get things organised. I dont understand why things have to be so hard to do.

To me it is very simple...
I take my car with the kids or just the baby, and dad to look at the other car. Easy!
Jumpei takes his parents to Toowoomba in my fathers car to softball. Hard????? WTF! I dont know how that can be hard!

So anyway I am hoping to get to see this other car on the weekend and if it is all good then get it. No more early mornings driving hubby to work!

William has decided to make my life easier too, by wanting a feed every 2 hours. Seriously where is all that milk going! It sure isnt coming out the other end often. Tomorrow I take him for a check up with the health nurse to see how heavy he is and all that. It should be good. We are thinking that he is somewhere near the 7kg mark, as he is very heavy.

He rolled over yesterday!!!! So that is great. Jumpei got to see it, and he was so happy and then later that day his mother got to see him roll over as well. So I am happy that they have seen this little milestone whilst they are with us.
Miles is happy, he loves having his grandparents with him. He got upset this morning, cos he woke up and they were not in the room. Once I told him where they were he was so happy! He has been helping his grandfather, "Jiji" aka Kenji, in the garden and they seem to be having a great time together out there. Jumpei took some photos of them in the garden. It is so nice to see him with his grandparents.

Not a lot of time to crochet or knit, just being a breastfeeding machine at the moment.

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  • At 12:17 am, Blogger Happyplace. said…

    Eek, I remember those milking days all too well....
    M looks so happy playing in the dirt with his Jiji!! So great to see nice brown earth, here we are heading into cold icy snow and frozen-ness. ugh! But, a good excuse for wool, and knitting!
    I hope you find a car soon, what a pain in the butt.


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